This article lists all scenes in the film Jurassic World.

List of scenesEdit

Name Short description Start End Picture
Hatchling scene Two Indominus rex hatchlings in a lab. 0:00:00 0:02:03 Creepy-new-jurassic-world-tv-spot-teases-the-indominus-rex-hatching
Mitchell family scene Snowy Wisconsin during yuletide. The Mitchel parents urge their sons, Gray and Zach, to get into the van so they can bring them to the airport. 0:02:04 0:02:20 Coming soon
Airport scene The parents say goodbye to their sons. 0:02:21 0:04:27 Enhanced-29662-1433451981-7
The boys land in Costa Rica and get on the ferry boats that bring them to the island. 0:04:28 0:05:07 JW boat trip
Ferry Landing scene The boys arive on the island. Zara is waiting for them. 0:05:08 0:05:33 CAAJuQoVEAMFE1J
Welcome to Jurassic World scene Zara and the boys travel to the resort with the Jurassic World Monorail. They arrive at the Hilton hotel. 0:05:34 0:06:50 10377442 1519709768290848 5390203994879154458 n
Business meeting scene Claire has a meeting with business people in the lab. 0:06:51 0:08:47 Jurassicworld-movie-trailer-screencap-32
Innovation Center scene The boys go to the Innovation Center and meet their aunt Claire. 0:08:48 0:11:12 InnovationCenter
Control Room Claire visits the Control Room. 0:11:13 0:13:03 Coming soon
Helicopter scene Simon Masrani takes Claire to the I. rex paddock with the Jurassic One helicopter. 0:13:04 0:15:37 Coming soon
Indominus rex Paddock Visit Simon Masrani and Claire talk about the Indominus rex in the paddock. 0:15:37 Paddock eleven4
Raptor Paddock Scene Owen Grady tries to tame the Velociraptors for Vic Hoskins. Echo kills a pig and throws Leon into the paddock and Charlie, Delta and Blue try to kill him, but Owen stops them. Owen-establishes-dominance-within-the-raptor-pack-in-this-new-jurassic-world-movie-clip
Pterosaur Attack scene The Pterosaurs terrorize the Main Street. Zara is killed. Owen, Claire and the boys escape the chaos. Pteranodon hot potato
Battle of Main Street scene Claire releases the T. rexfrom the first Jurassic Park to fight the Indominus rex. Roberta is nearly killed but saved by Blue. Mosasaurus kills the I. rex. Velociraptor and T. rex respect each other and leave. T-rexvsIndominus