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Jurassic World: Alive


Ludia Games


Ludia Games

Release date

Spring 2018


Free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game

Game modes



iOS , Android

Jurassic World: Alive is an upcoming free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Ludia and expected for release in the app store in the spring of 2018.

On March 14, a new gameplay video has been released. The game is currently available from the Canadian app store.


Name Rarity Fusion
Allosaurus Common
Allosinosaurus Legendary Fusing a Level 15 Allosaurus and a Level 15 Sinoceratops
Amargasaurus Rare
Amargocephalus Epic Fusing a Level 10 Amargasaurus and a Level 10 Euoplocephalus
Ankylosaurus Epic
Ankylosaurus Gen 2 Common
Ankyntrosaurus Legendary Fusing an Ankylosaurus and a Kentrosaurus
Apatosaurus Common
Argentinosaurus Rare
Deinocheirus Common
Dilophosaurus Rare
Dilophosaurus Gen 2 Common
Dimetrodon Rare
Dimetrodon Gen 2 Common
Diplocaulus Common


Einiosaurus Common
Einiasuchus Rare Fusing Einiosaurus Lvl 5 and Nundasuchus Lvl 5
Erlikosaurus Gen 2 Rare
Erlikosaurus Epic
Euoplocephalus Common
Gigaspikasaur Legendary Fusing a Level 15 Nodopatosaurus and a Level 15 Amargasaurus
Gorgosaurus Rare
Gorgosuchus Epic Fusing a Level 10 Gorgosaurus and a Level 10 Kaprosuchus
Iguanodon Common
Indominus rex Legendary Fusing Tyrannosaurus rex Lvl 15 and Velociraptor Lvl 15
Kaprosuchus Rare
Kentrosaurus Epic
Koolasuchus Gen 2 Rare
Koolasuchus Epic
Lythronax Common
Majundasuchus Rare Fusing Majungasaurus Lvl 5 and Nundasuchus Lvl 5
Majungasaurus Common
Megalosaurus Rare
Megalosuchus Legendary Fusing a Level 15 Gorgosuchus and a Level 15 Megalosaurus
Monolophosaurus Epic
Monolophosaurus Gen 2 Common
Monostegotops Legendary Fusing a Stegoceratops and a Monolophosaurus
Nodopatosaurus Epic Fusing a Level 10 Nodosaurus and a Level 10 Apatosaurus
Nodosaurus Rare
Nundasuchus Common
Ophiacodon Common
Ouranosaurus Epic
Parasaurolophus Common
Postimetrodon Epic Fusing a Level 10 Postosuchus and a Level 10 Dimetrodon
Postosuchus Rare
Proceratosaurus Rare
Pyroraptor Epic
Rajakylosaurus Legendary Fusing a Level 15 Rajasaurus and a Level 15 Ankylosaurus
Rajasaurus Epic
Secodontosaurus Epic
Sinoceratops Epic
Spinosaurus Rare
Spinotahraptor Epic Fusing a Level 10 Spinosaurus and a Level 10 Utahraptor
Stegoceratops Epic Fusing a Level 10 Triceratops and a Level 10 Stegosaurus
Stegosaurus Common
Suchomimus Common
Tanycolagreus Common
Tarbosaurus Common
Tenontosaurus Rare
Tragodistis Legendary Fusing a Level 15 Parasaurolophus and a Level 15 Amargocephalus
Triceratops Rare
Triceratops Gen 2 Common
Trykosaurus Unique Fusing a Lvel 20 Tyrannosaurus rex and an Ankyntrosaurus
Tuojiangosaurus Rare
Tyrannosaurus rex Epic
Tyrannosaurus Gen 2 Rare Identified as “Tyrannosaurus magnus
Utahraptor Rare
Utasinoraptor Legendary Fusing a Level 15 Utahraptor and a Level 15 Sinoceratops
Velociraptor Common
Wuerhosaurus Rare