Jurassic World: The Game
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Developer(s) Ludia
Publisher Ludia
Release Date April 8, 2015 (Australia)
April 29, 2015
May 2015 (Worldwide)[1]
Genre Construction and management simulation
Game Mode(s) Single-Player



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Jurassic World: The Game is an application produced by Ludia in 2015. It is a construction and management simulation game in which the player builds and maintains the Jurassic World park from Jurassic World.


During the game the player must build Jurassic World by adding dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals which can be obtained via special card packs or by buying them. In order to buy a dinosaur, however, the player must unlock it by completing a challenge in the Arena. There are also many missions given by the main characters and missions that are for a limited time which can grant the player resources.


Returning from Jurassic Park: Builder is the Arena mode, where players can create a team of up to three prehistoric creatures and fight against other creatures. Unlike the previous game, the fighting engine has been completely revamped. A player can choose to either attack, defend or reserve a move during any one turn and any reserved moves are added to the next turn, for a maximum of eight moves in a turn. The more attacks that are performed in one turn, the greater the damage caused. In addition, the creatures are divided into different "types", each with a strength and weakness to another.


Attack Multiplier Chart

Land TypesEdit

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Land Type Chart

  • Carnivore Carnivores are strong against Herbivores, but weak to Amphibians. They are represented almost entirely by theropod dinosaurs, as well as some Synapsids.
  • JW-Herbivore Herbivores are strong against Pterosaurs, but weak to Carnivores. With the exception of Ornithomimids and Therizinosaurids, they are represented entirely by non-theropod dinosaurs.
  • Pterosaur Pterosaurs are strong against Amphibians, but weak to Herbivores. As the name suggests, they are represented by several species of large Pterosaur, with some smaller ones.
  • Amphibian Amphibians are strong against Carnivores, but weak to Pterosaurs. Although mostly represented by large amphibians, various Archosaurs and primitive Tetrapods are also featured in this group.

Aquatic TypesEdit

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Aquatic Type Chart

  • Surface Surface are strong against Caves, but weak against Reef. This was the first type revealed, as the Mosasaurus was released prior to the Aquatic Park update. It is represented by mosasaurs, plesiosaurs and shark-like fish.
  • Reef Reef are strong against Surface, but weak against Caves. Represented by pliosaurs and turtle-like creatures, it is currently the only type represented entirely by marine reptiles.
  • Caves Caves are strong against Reef, but weak against Surface. This type is mainly represented by non-Tetrapods such as non-shark-like fish and molluscs, but also features crocodile-like reptiles.

Cenozoic Types Edit

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Cenozoic Type Chart

  • Snow Snow are strong against Savannah, but weak against Cavern. This was the first type revealed, as the Woolly Mammoth was released prior to the Cenozoic Park update. It is represented by elephants, deer-like creatures, cat-like creatures and bear-like creatures.
  • SavannahSavannah are strong against Cavern, but weak against Snow. It is represented by flightless birds, rhinoceros-like creatures, indricotheres, and entelodonts.
  • CavernCavern are strong against Snow, but weak against Savannah. It is represented by dog-like creatures, giant ground sloths, large snakes and glyptodonts.


see Jurassic World: The Game/Missions

Missions and XP JWTG

List of updatesEdit

See Jurassic World: The Game/Updates

Jurassic World: The Game, being Ludia's newest iOS app, has been updated many times.


See Jurassic World: The Game/Achievements

Battle StagesEdit

See Jurassic World: The Game/Battle Stages

Max StatsEdit

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See Jurassic World: The Game/Land Max Stats

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See Jurassic World: The Game/Boss Max Stats


See Jurassic World: The Game characters

Each of the following characters plays a role in park development in the game. They contribute to the on-going story and/or offer missions to complete.

Owen Grady Raptor Trainer
Vic Hoskins Head Security
JWTG Hoskins
Claire Dearing Park Manager
JWTG Claire
Simon Masrani Park Owner
JWTG Masrani
Dr. Henry Wu Chief Scientist
JWTG Henry Wui
Lowery Park Employee
JWTG Lowery
Barry Raptor Trainer
JWTG Barry
Dr. Hank Freeman Paleontologist
JWTG Freemani
Zara Claire's assistant
Zach Visitor
JW TG Zach
Gray Visitor
Patricia Cheung Grad Student
Doug Malick Park Employee
JWTG Malick
Grace Hudson Park Employee
JWTG Hudson
Chanya Diogo Park Employee
Chanya Diogo

Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Creatures and Hybrids Edit

See Jurassic World: The Game dinosaurs

All dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures and hybrids available to create.

Attention: We are in need of the new card pictures from the latest version with all the dinosaurs DNA cost (this also counts for each dinosaurs' page), their hatching times (hrs, mins, and secs), and their DNA costs.

In the game, some creatures require a VIP membership. Players may purchase this VIP membership for $43 for a 3 month membership. With every member renewal or purchase of a membership players will get a free legendary pack, access to events, and purchase of unique dinosaurs.

Land CreaturesEdit

Name Unlocked (in market) by Class Rarity Buying cost (DNA JW-DNA)

Market Card

TriceratopsAlready unlockedHerbivore JW-HerbivoreCommon 100 JW-DNA
11535658 988664424499679 7514337131669321810 n
MajungasaurusBeating battle stage 1Carnivore CarnivoreCommon 110 JW-DNA
11535868 988664447833010 2759144515070817367 n
AlanqaBeating battle stage 2Pterosaur PterosaurCommon 120 JW-DNA
1795580 988664477833007 6233223610215434982 n
AlangasaurusFusing Alanqa Lvl 40 and Majuangasaurus Lvl 40Hybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreCommon 1,290 JW-DNA
LimnoscelisBeating battle stage 3Amphibian AmphibianCommon 130 JW-DNA
11351257 988664491166339 9077919784664237341 n
ArgentinosaurusBeating battle stage 4Herbivore JW-HerbivoreCommon 160 JW-DNA
11143465 988664514499670 4571652698254584107 n
DiplodocusBeating battle stage 5Herbivore JW-HerbivoreRare 750 JW-DNA
10805633 988664544499667 6729581373417430841 n
TropeognathusBeating battle stage 6Pterosaur PterosaurCommon 180 JW-DNA
11412135 988664584499663 5041129577708117015 n
UtahraptorBeating battle stage 7Carnivore CarnivoreCommon 200 JW-DNA
11537812 988664604499661 5904868472960547074 n
CarnotaurusBeating battle stage 8Carnivore CarnivoreRare 730 JW-DNA
11412256 988664621166326 6445280631805096023 n
LabyrinthodontiaBeating battle stage 9Amphibian AmphibianCommon 130 JW-DNA
20090 988664647832990 5933490306643626916 n
Labyrinthosaurus Fusing Argentinosaurus Lvl 40 and Labyrinthodontia Lvl 40Hybrid/Herbivore JW-HerbivoreCommon 1,630 JW-DNA
TapejaraBeating battle stage 10Pterosaur PterosaurRare 670 JW-DNA
11146188 988664671166321 1762808109721707462 n
KoolasuchusBeating battle stage 11Amphibian AmphibianRare 610 JW-DNA
11257936 988664691166319 2289743682812623794 n
StegosaurusBeating battle stage 12Herbivore JW-HerbivoreSuper rare 1,500 JW-DNA
1422620 988664721166316 3553983410407916512 n
Stegoceratops Fusing Triceratops Lvl 40 and Stegosaurus Lvl 40Hybrid/Herbivore JW-HerbivoreSuper rare 8,960 JW-DNA
Stegoceratops Card
HatzegopteryxBeating battle stage 13Pterosaur PterosaurCommon 200 JW-DNA
11183465 988664737832981 2798432693569894240 n
GuanlongBeating battle stage 14Carnivore CarnivoreCommon 170 JW-DNA
11427167 988664771166311 1709572408522108441 n
DiplocaulusBeating battle stage 15Amphibian AmphibianCommon 190 JW-DNA
1549350 988664791166309 303283660686874613 n
QuetzalcoatlusBeating battle stage 16Pterosaur PterosaurSuper rare 1,350 JW-DNA
11535917 988664807832974 1369525779747804505 n
TuojiangosaurusBeating battle stage 17Herbivore JW-HerbivoreCommon 130 JW-DNA
10171149 988664831166305 8095840902287382900 n
NasutoceratopsBeating battle stage 18Herbivore JW-HerbivoreRare 550 JW-DNA
1897691 988664847832970 7873509599161529148 n
Tyrannosaurus rexBeating battle stage 19Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary 3,750 JW-DNA
11541036 988664874499634 8244040478357471658 n
AnkylosaurusBeating battle stage 20Herbivore JW-HerbivoreSuper rare 1,200 JW-DNA
11223959 988664904499631 3534369038902721257 n
Ankylodocus Fusing Diplodocus Lvl 40 and Ankylosaurus Lvl 40Hybrid/Herbivore JW-HerbivoreSuper rare 10,920 JW-DNA
MetriorhynchusBeating battle stage 21Amphibian AmphibianSuper rare 1,400 JW-DNA
11536099 988664924499629 6333690512122496578 n
Metrialong Fusing Metriorhynchus and Lvl 40 Guanlong lvl 40Hybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreSuper Rare 8,770 JW-DNA
PteranodonBeating battle stage 22Pterosaur PterosaurLegendary 2,910 JW-DNA
10246458 988664944499627 2774931322788119333 n
VelociraptorBeating battle stage 23Carnivore CarnivoreSuper rare 1,500 JW-DNA
11535924 988664971166291 7061207743248508317 n
Indominus rex Fusing Tyrannosaurus rex Lvl 40 and Velociraptor Lvl 40Hybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary 29,400 JW-DNA
PelecanimimusBeating battle stage 24Herbivore JW-HerbivoreCommon 170 JW-DNA
1977390 988664997832955 4915492824634145341 n
Pelecanipteryx Fusing Pelecanimimus Lvl 40 and Hatzegopteryx Lvl 40Hybrid/Pterosaur PterosaurCommon 2,030 JW-DNA
SpinosaurusBeating battle stage 25Carnivore CarnivoreSuper rare 1,500 JW-DNA
11059716 988665014499620 4310927483371389087 n
SpinoraptorFusing Utahraptor Lvl 40 and Spinosaurus Lvl 40Hybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreSuper rare 9,520 JW-DNA
BonitasauraBeating battle stage 26Herbivore JW-HerbivoreCommon 150 JW-DNA
11206937 988665037832951 1114459199497500772 n
AllosaurusBeating battle stage 27Carnivore CarnivoreRare 500 JW-DNA
11430267 988665061166282 1381446864090964567 n
SupersaurusBeating battle stage 28Herbivore JW-HerbivoreSuper rare 1,400 JW-DNA
10012442 988665081166280 2736174733406339697 n
DimetrodonBeating battle stage 29Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary 3,610 JW-DNA
10341486 988665094499612 3648730724053097151 n
SarcosuchusBeating battle stage 30Amphibian AmphibianLegendary 3,050 JW-DNA
11219071 988665157832939 1498230329467439351 n
Koolasaurus Fusing Koolasuchus Lvl 40 and Sarcosuchus Lvl 40Hybrid/Amphibian AmphibianLegendary 20,500 JW-DNA
ColoborhynchusBeating battle stage 31Pterosaur PterosaurCommon 140 JW-DNA
1901947 988665174499604 399973921815068184 n
LimnorhynchusFusing Limnoscelis Lvl 40 and Coloborhynchus Lvl 40Hybrid/Pterosaur PterosaurCommon 1,490 JW-DNA
CorythosaurusBeating battle stage 32Herbivore JW-HerbivoreRare 630 JW-DNA
1897727 988665201166268 7257275392323744826 n
DilophosaurusBeating battle stage 33Carnivore CarnivoreRare 690 JW-DNA
10930908 988665224499599 1502345534805720344 n
DsungaripterusBeating battle stage 34Pterosaur PterosaurRare 560 JW-DNA
EuoplocephalusBeating battle stage 35Herbivore JW-HerbivoreSuper rare 1,000 JW-DNA
GallimimusBeating battle stage 36Herbivore JW-HerbivoreRare 580 JW-DNA
ZhejiangopterusBeating battle stage 37Pterosaur PterosaurSuper rare 1,100 JW-DNA
TropeogopterusFusing Tropeognathus Lvl 40 and Zheijangopterus Lvl 40Hybrid/Pterosaur PterosaurSuper rare 7,130 JW-DNA
IchthyostegaBeating battle stage 38Amphibian AmphibianLegendary 3,330 JW-DNA
GiganotosaurusBeating battle stage 39Carnivore CarnivoreRare 520 JW-DNA
GiganocephalusFusing Gigantosaurus Lvl 40 and Euophlocephalus Lvl 40Hybrid/Herbivore JW-HerbivoreSuper rare 8,490 JW-DNA
IrritatorBeating battle stage 40Carnivore CarnivoreRare 530 JW-DNA
Diplotator Fusing Diplocaulus Lvl 40 and Irritator Lvl 40Hybrid/Amphibian AmphibianRare 4,000 JW-DNA
OstafrikasaurusBeating battle stage 41Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary 3,190 JW-DNA
ParasaurolophusBeating battle stage 42Herbivore JW-HerbivoreSuper rare 1,200 JW-DNA
Parasaura Fusing Parasaurolophus Lvl 40 and Bonitasaura Lvl 40Hybrid/Herbivore JW-HerbivoreSuper Rare 7,550 JW-DNA
RajasaurusBeating battle stage 43Carnivore CarnivoreSuper rare 1,300 JW-DNA
RajastegaFusing Rajasaurus Lvl 40 and Ichthyostega Lvl 40Hybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary 25,930 JW-DNA
PachycephalosaurusBeating battle stage 44Herbivore JW-HerbivoreRare 590 JW-DNA
PachyceratopsFusing Pachycephalosaurus Lvl 40 and Nasutoceratops Lvl 40Hybrid/Herbivore JW-HerbivoreRare 6,360 JW-DNA
UnaysaurusBeating battle stage 45Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary 2,770 JW-DNA
TyrannotitanBeating battle stage 46Carnivore CarnivoreRare 710 JW-DNA
SuprannotitanFusing Supersaurus Lvl 40 and Tyrannotitan Lvl 40Hybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreSuper rare 11,820JW-DNA
SuchomimusBeating battle stage 47Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary 2,630 JW-DNA
Suchoripterus Fusing Suchomimus Lvl 40 and Dsungripterus Lvl 40Hybrid/Pterosaur PterosaurLegendary 17,900 JW-DNA
PyroraptorBeating battle stage 48Carnivore CarnivoreRare 650 JW-DNA
Carnoraptor Fusing Carnotaurus Lvl 40 and Pyroraptor Lvl 40Hybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreRare 7,730 JW-DNA
PrionosuchusBeating battle stage 49Amphibian AmphibianLegendary 3,470 JW-DNA
PriotrodonFusing Prionosuchus Lvl 40 and Dimetrodon Lvl 40Hybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary 39,650 JW-DNA
MicroposaurusBeating battle stage 50Amphibian AmphibianLegendary 2,500 JW-DNA
Ostaposaurus Fusing Microposaurus Lvl 40 and Ostafrikasaurus Lvl 40Hybrid/Amphibian AmphibianLegendary 31,870 JW-DNA
OphiacodonBeating battle stage 51Carnivore CarnivoreRare 780 JW-DNA
ShunosaurusBeating battle stage 53Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary 3,100 JW-DNA
MonolophosaurusBeating battle stage 55Carnivore CarnivoreRare 850 JW-DNA
TapejalosaurusFusing Tapejara Lvl 40 and Monolophosaurus Lvl 40Hybrid/Pterosaur PterosaurRare 8,520 JW-DNA
Tapejalosaurus Card
DimorphodonBeating battle stage 57Pterosaur PterosaurLegendary3,600 JW-DNA
TherizinosaurusBeating battle stage 59 Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary3,500 JW-DNA
AntarctopeltaWin an Antarctopelta Pack in the Antarctopelta Tournament Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary7,000 JW-DNA
MegalosaurusWin a Megalosaurus Pack in the Megalosaurus Tournament Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary7,000JW-DNA
KaprosuchusBeating battle stage 61 Amphibian AmphibianSuper Rare1,600JW-DNA
Gorgosuchus Fusing Gorgosaurus Lvl 40 and Kaprosuchus Lvl 40Hybrid/Amphibian AmphibianLegendary 42,560 JW-DNA
Clipboard Image (12)
ScaphognathusBeating battle stage 63 Pterosaur PterosaurLegendary3,700JW-DNA
NundasuchusBeating battle stage 65 Amphibian AmphibianRare700JW-DNA
Nundagosaurus Fusing Nundasuchus Lvl 40 and Tuojiangosaurus Lvl 40Hybrid/Amphibian AmphibianRare 4,600 JW-DNA
Clipboard Image (13)
Troodon Win a Troodon Pack in the Troodon Tournament Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary7,500 JW-DNA
Ceratosaurus Win a Ceratosaurus Pack in the Ceratosaurus Tournament Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary6,500 JW-DNA
Cerazinosaurus Fusing Therizinosaurus Lv 40 and Ceratosaurus Lv 40 Hybrid/CarnivoreLegendary19,600
Deinocheirus Win a Deinocheirus Pack in the Deinocheirus Tournament Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary5,500 JW-DNA
RhamphorhynchusBeating battle stage 67 Pterosaur PterosaurRare750 JW-DNA
Unayrhynchus Fusing Unaysaurus Lvl 40 and Rhamphorhynchus Lvl 40Hybrid/Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary 19,720JW-DNA
PostosuchusBeating battle stage 70 Amphibian AmphibianSuper Rare1,650JW-DNA
Gorgosaurus Win a Gorgosaurus Pack in the Gorgosaurus Tournament Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary6,000JW-DNA
Pachyrhinosaurus Buy a Earth WWF Pack for 49.99 USD Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary6,750JW-DNA
Kentrosaurus Originally only had to buy a Earth WWF Pack for 49.99 USD. Currently, win a Kentrosaurus Pack in the Kentrosaurus Tournament Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary6,000JW-DNA
Kentrosaurus JWTG
Secodontosaurus Win a Secodontosaurus Pack in the Secodontosaurus Tournament Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary7,250JW-DNA
AerotitanBeating battle stage 75Pterosaur PterosaurSuper rare 1,600 JW-DNA
Pterodactylus Use VIP points to buy packs containing Pterodactylus. Pterosaur PterosaurLegendaryTBAJW-DNA
Prestosuchus Use VIP points to buy packs containing Prestosuchus. Amphibian AmphibianLegendaryTBAJW-DNA
Mastodonsaurus Use VIP points to buy packs containing Mastodonsaurus. Amphibian AmphibianLegendaryTBAJW-DNA
Apatosaurus Use VIP points to buy packs containing Apatosaurus. Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendaryTBAJW-DNA
Tanycolagreus Use VIP points to buy packs containing Tanycolagreus. Carnivore CarnivoreLegendaryTBAJW-DNA
Metoposaurus Use VIP points to buy packs containing Metoposaurus. Amphibian AmphibianLegendaryTBAJW-DNA
Wuerhosaurus Use VIP points to buy packs containing Wuerhosaurus. Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendaryTBAJW-DNA
Pterodaustro Use VIP points to buy packs containing Pterodaustro. Pterosaur PterosaurLegendaryTBAJW-DNA
Darwinopterus Win a Darwinopterus Pack in the Darwinopterus Tournament Pterosaur PterosaurLegendary7,500JW-DNA
Darwinopterus 1
Metriacanthosaurus Win a Metriacanthosaurus Pack in the Metriacanthosaurus Tournament Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary7,500JW-DNA
Clipboard Image (15)
Metriaphodon Fusing Metriacanthosaurus Lvl 40 and Dimorphodon Lvl 40Hybrid/Pterosaur PterosaurLegendary 62,160 JW-DNA
Yutyrannus Win a Yutyrannus Pack in the Yutyrannus Tournament Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary6,500 JW-DNA
Yutyrannus card
Erlikosaurus Win a Erlikosaurus Pack in the Erlikosaurus Tournament Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary7,000 JW-DNA
Erlikosaurus card
ErliphosaurusFusing Erlikosaurus Lvl 40 and Dilophosaurus Lvl 40Hybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary 43,070 JW-DNA
Erliphosaurus Card
ZalmoxesWin a Zalmoxes Pack in the Zalmoxes TournamentHerbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary 7,000 JW-DNA
Zalmoxes card
EudimorphodonUse VIP points to buy packs containing Eudimorphodon.Pterosaur PterosaurLegendary TBA JW-DNA
EudimorphodonJWTG Card
SegnosaurusWin a Segnosaurus Pack in the Segnosaurus TournamentHerbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary 7,500 JW-DNA
Segnosaurus card
SegnosuchusFusing Segnosaurus Lvl 40 and Postosuchus Lvl 40Hybrid/Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary 51,240 JW-DNA
20525656 2004444446455588 5574219428862861992 n
EiniosaurusWin an Einiosaurus Pack in the Einiosaurus TournamentHerbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary 6,750 JW-DNA
Einiosaurus card
EryopsWin an Eryops Pack in the Eryops TournamentAmphibian AmphibianLegendary 7,000JW-DNA
EryopsJWTG Card
YudonFusing Yutyrannus Lvl 40 and Troodon Lvl 40Hybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary 78,400JW-DNA
Yudon Card
Acrocanthosaurus Use VIP points to buy packs containing Acrocanthosaurus. Carnivore CarnivoreLegendaryTBAJW-DNA
AmargasaurusWin an Amargasaurus Pack in the Amargasaurus TournamentHerbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary 7,500JW-DNA
AcanthostegaWin an Acanthostega Pack in the Acanthostega TournamentAmphibian AmphibianLegendary 7,250JW-DNA
Acanthostega JW-TG
PachygalosaurusFusing Pachyrhinosaurus Lvl 40 and Megalosaurus Lvl 40Hybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary 77,000JW-DNA
EolambiaUse VIP points to buy packs containing EolambiaHerbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary TBA
Eolambia card JWTG
CerazinosaurusFusing Ceratosaurus Lvl 40 and Therizinosaurus Lvl 40Hybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary 19,600JW-DNA
ProterogyrinusWin an Pterogyrinus Pack in the Proterogyrinus TournamentAmphibian AmphibianLegendary 7,350JW-DNA
IndoraptorFusing Indominus rex Lvl 40 and 4,000 special event Velociraptor DNAHybrid/Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary 2,000 Raptor JW-DNA
Jurassic World The Game SuperHybrid IndoRaptor 4
Stygimoloch Use VIP points to buy packs containing Stygimoloch. Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendaryTBAJW-DNA
Stygimoloch Card
Concavenator Use VIP points to buy packs containing Concavenator. Carnivore CarnivoreLegendaryTBAJW-DNA
Concavenator Card
Tupuxuara Win a Tupuxuara pack in the Tupuxuara tournament Pterosaur PterosaurLegendaryTBAJW-DNA
Tupuxuara Temporary Card

Aquatic CreaturesEdit

Name Unlocked (in market) by Update Year of Origins Class Rarity Buying cost (DNA JW-DNA) Hatching time (d:h:m)

Market Card

MosasaurusPreviously won in a Mosasaurus Pack in the Mosasaurus Tournament (Was available for a limited time for $99.99 USD). Currently available in the Aquatics Pack.2015-09-30 Surface SurfaceLegendary5,000 JW-DNA4 Days


DunkleosteusCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Dunkleosteus Pack.2015-12-11 Cave CavesLegendary4,200 JW-DNA3 Days


LeptocleidusCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Leptocleidus Pack.2015-12-11Reef ReefSuper Rare2,150 JW-DNA


MegalodonCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Megalodon Pack.2015-12-11Surface SurfaceLegendary4,600 JW-DNA4 Days


StyxosaurusCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Styxosaurus Pack.2015-12-11Surface SurfaceLegendary4,800 JW-DNA4 Days


AmmoniteCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Ammonite Pack.2015-12-11Cave CavesLegendary4,000 JW-DNA3 Days


DakosaurusCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Dakosaurus Pack.2015-12-11Cave CavesSuper Rare2,000 JW-DNA


KronosaurusCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Kronosaurus Pack.2015-12-11 Reef ReefLegendary4,400 JW-DNA3 Days


PrognathodonCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Prognathodon Pack.2015-12-11Surface SurfaceSuper Rare2,250 JW-DNA


PsephodermaCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Psephoderma Pack.2015-12-11Reef ReefSuper Rare3,000 JW-DNA00:13:46
XiphactinusCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Xiphactinus Pack.2016-03-16Cave CavesSuper Rare2,500 JW-DNA12:41:00
PlesiosaurusCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Plesiosaurus Pack.2016-03-16Surface SurfaceLegendary4,500 JW-DNA3 Days


TrinacromerumCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Trinacromerum Pack.2016-03-16Reef ReefSuper Rare2,500 JW-DNA


Archelon Win a Archelon Pack in the Archelon Tournament. 2016-04-15 Reef ReefLegendary8,000JW-DNA6 Days


LiopleurodonCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Liopleurodon Pack.2016-03-16Reef ReefLegendary4,500 JW-DNA3 Days


Liopleurodon Updated Card
HelicoprionCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Helicoprion Pack.2016-03-16Surface SurfaceSuper Rare2,500 JW-DNA12:41:00
BaculitesCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Baculites Pack.2016-03-16Cave CavesSuper Rare3,000 JW-DNA13:46:00
MauisaurusCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Mauisaurus Pack.2016-03-16Surface SurfaceSuper Rare2,500 JW-DNA12:41:00
GeosaurusCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Geosaurus Pack.2016-03-16Cave CavesSuper Rare2,900 JW-DNA13:29:00
PliosaurusCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Pliosaurus Pack.2016-06-29 Reef ReefLegendary4,000 JW-DNA3 Days


14184415 168194974835190 7362425662747680366 n
OrthacanthusUse VIP points to buy packs containing Orthacanthus.2016-06-29Cave CavesLegendaryTBA JW-DNA00:05:59
TylosaurusUse VIP points to buy packs containing Tylosaurus.2016-06-29Surface SurfaceLegendaryTBA JW-DNA00:05:59
HainosaurusUse VIP points to buy packs containing Hainosaurus.2016-06-29Surface SurfaceLegendaryTBA JW-DNA00:05:59
HenodusUse VIP points to buy packs containing Henodus.2016-06-29Reef ReefLegendaryTBA JW-DNA00:05:59
Edestus Win a Edestus Pack in the Edestus Tournament. 2016-09-09 Surface SurfaceLegendary9,000JW-DNA6 Days


PlotosaurusUse VIP points to buy packs containing Plotosaurus.2016-10-19Surface SurfaceLegendaryTBA JW-DNA00:05:59
Giant OrthoconeUse VIP points to buy packs containing Giant Orthocone.2016-10-19Cave CavesLegendaryTBA JW-DNA00:05:59
ElasmosaurusCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Elasmosaurus Pack.2016-10-19Surface SurfaceSuper Rare2,400 JW-DNA12:41:00
ProtostegaCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Protostega Pack.2016-10-19Reef ReefSuper Rare2,200 JW-DNA09:44:00
Bananogmius Win a Bananogmius Pack in the Bananogmius Tournament. 2016-11-25 Cave CavesLegendary9,000JW-DNA6 Days


OnchopristisCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Onchopristis Pack.2016-12-07Surface SurfaceSuper Rare2,000 JW-DNA0:11:09
15542436 1259624274075975 347038960203912716 nCropped
DolichorhynchopsCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Dolichorhynchops Pack.2016-12-07Reef ReefSuper Rare2,000 JW-DNA0:11:09
Umoonasaurus Win a Umoonasaurus Pack in the Umoonasaurus Tournament. 2017-03-10 Reef ReefLegendary8,500JW-DNA

6 Days


Umoonasaurus (0)
Rhomaleosaurus Use VIP points to buy packs containing Rhomaleosaurus. 2017-06-20 Reef ReefLegendaryTBAJW-DNA


Rhomaleosaurus Card
Gillicus Win a Gillicus Pack in the Gillicus Tournament. 2018-07-13 Cave CavesLegendary8,300 JW-DNATBA
Gillicus Card
RhizodusCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Rhizodus Pack.2018-07-27 Cave CavesLegendaryTBA JW-DNATBA
Rhizodus Card
KaiwhekeaCurrently available in the Aquatics Pack and the Kaiwhekea Pack.2018-09-12Surface SurfaceLegendaryTBA JW-DNATBA TBA

Cenozoic CreaturesEdit

Name Unlocked (in market) by Update Year of Origins Class Rarity Buying cost (DNA JW-DNA) Hatching time (d:h:m)

Market Card

Woolly MammothWin a Woolly Mammoth Pack in the Woolly Mammoth Tournament. 2016-12-15 Snow SnowLegendary10,000 JW-DNA6 days


AndrewsarchusCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Andrewsarchus Pack.2017-02-15Cavern
Rare800 JW-DNA 0:04:49
Andrewsarchus card
EntelodonCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Entelodon Pack.2017-02-15Savannah
Rare800 JW-DNA0:04:49
Entelodon card
SmilodonCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Smilodon Pack.2017-02-15Snow SnowSuper Rare2,000 JW-DNA0:19:49
Smilodon card
ElasmotheriumCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Elasmotherium Pack.2017-02-15Savannah
Super Rare2,000 JW-DNA0:19:49
Elasmotherium card
IndricotheriumCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Indricotherium Pack.2017-02-15Savannah
Legendary5,000 JW-DNA4 days


Indricotherium card
PhorusrhacosCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Phorusrhacos Pack.2017-02-15Savannah
Super Rare2,000 JW-DNA0:19:49
Phorusrhacos card
SarkastodonCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Sarkastodon Pack.2017-02-15Snow SnowRare???JW-DNA00:03:32
Sarkastodon card
EremotheriumCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Eremotherium Pack.2017-04-19Cavern
Super Rare2,000 JW-DNA0:19:49
Eremotherium card
MegalocerosCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Megaloceros Pack.2017-04-19Snow SnowRare800 JW-DNA 0:04:48
Megaloceros card
MegatheriumCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Megatherium Pack.2017-04-19Cavern
Legendary5,000 JW-DNA 4 days


Megatherium card
Marsupial LionCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Marsupial Lion Pack.2017-04-19Snow SnowLegendary5,000 JW-DNA 4 days


Marsupial Lion card
AmphicyonCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Amphicyon Pack.2017-04-19Cavern
Rare750 JW-DNA 0:03:32
Amphicyon card
DoedicurusCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Doedicurus Pack.2017-06-07Cavern
Super Rare2,000 JW-DNA 0:08:48
Doedicurus Card
ArchaeotheriumCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Archaeotherium Pack.2017-07-26Savannah
Rare430 JW-DNA0:07:16
Archaeotherium card
SynthetocerasCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Synthetoceras Pack.2017-10-26Snow SnowSuper Rare2,200 JW-DNA0:22:33
Synthetoceras Card
DeinotheriumCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Deinotherium Pack.2017-10-26Snow SnowLegendary4,500 JW-DNA3 days


Deinotherium Card
HyaenodonUse VIP points to buy packs containing Hyaenodon. 2017-11-21 Cavern
Legendary??? JW-DNA
GlyptodonCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Glyptodon Pack. 2017-11-21 Cavern
Rare800 JW-DNA
TitanoboaWin a Titanoboa pack in the Titanoboa tournament. 2017-11-24 Cavern
Legendary11,150 JW-DNA
23843577 2077071645859534 6289733085391709574 n
GastornisWin a Gastornis pack in the Gastornis tournament. 2017-12-23 Savannah
Legendary9,000 JW-DNA
Gastornis JWTG
ThylacosmilusUse VIP points to buy packs containing Thylacosmilus. 2018-01-12 Snow SnowLegendary??? JW-DNA
BrontotheriumUse VIP points to buy packs containing Brontotherium. 2018-02-09 Savannah
Legendary??? JW-DNA
UintatheriumCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Uintatherium Pack. 2018-02-23 Savannah
DiprotodonCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Diprotodon Pack. 2018-02-23 Snow SnowRareTBA JW-DNA
KelenkenCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Kelenken Pack.2018-03-20Savannah
Super RareTBA JW-DNA
Kelenken Card Chances
MegistotheriumCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Megistotherium Pack.2018-04-02Cavern
Megistotherium Card Chances
ArctodusCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Arctodus Pack. 2018-06-29 Snow SnowRareTBA JW-DNA
Arctodus Card
UrtinotheriumCurrently available in the Cenozoic Pack and the Urtinotherium Pack. 2018-08-24 Savannah
Urtinotherium Card

Boss CreaturesEdit

All boss dinosaurs available in this arena, so the player is unable to place and use them in their park.

Name Year of Origin Class Rarity Boss Picture
Omega 092016-06-29Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary
T-Rex Omega 09
Valkyrie 772016-08-21Pterosaur PterosaurLegendary
Valkyrie 77
Salamander 162016-10-28Amphibian AmphibianLegendary
Juggernaut 322016-12-09Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary
Death Dodo2017-04-01Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary
Death dodo
Colossus 042017-07-25Surface SurfaceLegendary
Colossus 04
Alpha 062017-10-27Carnivore CarnivoreLegendary
IMG 0416
Maelstrom 082017-12-25Snow SnowLegendary
Maelstrom 08
Vulcan 192018-05-25Herbivore JW-HerbivoreLegendary
Vulcan 19
Phoenix 442018-06-23Pterosaur PterosaurLegendary
Kraken 182018-08-10Cave CavesLegendary

Unavailable CreaturesEdit

These creatures are found through various methods outside of buying them in the market, so the player is unable to place and use them in their park.

Randomly FoundEdit

These creatures have been discovered in the Live Arena and Trade Harbor of Jurassic World: The Game.

Name Unlocked (in market) by Class Rarity Buying cost (DNA JW-DNA) Hatching time (h:m:s)

Market Card

Data MiningEdit

These animals have been found within the data of the game:

  • Shunopelta


There are three types of structures in the game - static, buildings and decorations. Static buildings are buildings that have some function(s) the user can access, but they can not be bought and placed, or moved. These are:

  • Food Production Facility
  • Aquarium
  • Innovation Center
  • Hatchery
  • Creation Lab
  • Biosphere
  • Asset Repository
  • Raptor Paddock
  • Trade Harbor
  • DNA Harbor
  • Heliport

Buildings and decorations can be purchased and placed anywhere you have cleared land. Buildings earn you coins over time, decorations placed close enough to buildings or dinosaurs will increase the amount of coins they produce. It is possible to have more than one decoration affect the same building or dinosaur - the bonuses add up.

For more details, see Structures.


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  • Most dinosaurs that use Tyrannosaurus animations are portrayed with only two fingers on their hands. Carnotaurus, Metriacanthosaurus, Rajastega, Yudon and Yutyrannus are the only exceptions.
  • The toe of the Guanlong model goes through the floor when it's in the pen since it shares the Velociraptor animation which has the toe claw that moves.
  • As seen in the arenas, a lot of animals have inaccurate sizes when compared to each other. Examples being Pachycephalosaurus being as large as Parasaurolophus, every sauropod being the exact same size, and every spinosaurid being as large as Spinosaurus.


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