This article lists the descriptions and screenshots of all missions in Jurassic World: The Game.

Jurassic WorldEdit

Name Quest giver Prerequisite Description Goals Rewards Gallery link
"Tutorial" Owen
None Complete Battle Stage 1 None JW Eye Hexagon
Operations Side Claire Tutorial Help Claire produce some food from the facility. Collect food 2200 food
45 XP
JW Eye Hexagon
Owen Level 2 Place Tropeognathus None JW Eye Hexagon
Score To Settle Hoskins Open Mystery Pack #2 Hoskins would like to have a rematch in the Battle Arena. Complete Battle stage2 1760 gold
400 XP
JW Eye Hexagon
Ravenous Owen Score To Settle We need to keep a watchfull eye on our Majungasaurus. Level 5 Majungasaurus 2200 food
400 XP
JW Eye Hexagon
In Conversation Hoskins Battle Stage 9 Direct Hoskins and Barry somewhere private to continue talking. Expand the park.
Upgrade the Food Production Facility.
50 DNA
6335 XP


First fight:


  • Vic Hoskins: "This arena project needs aggressive candidates. You sure your girls has what it takes?"
  • Owen Grady: "Don't listen to Hoskins - just focus on your TRICERATOPS. Charge the ATTACK."

Upgrade the dinosaurus:

Second fight:

Place Majungasaurus:

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