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Static BuildingsEdit

Food Production Facility

The Food Production building allows you to make food to feed the dinosaurs in the park. This building essentially converts coins into food. Each tap of the "Activate" button charges you the whole amount displayed, not an incremental amount from the previous amount. For example, if the first three costs are 100, 200, 500 coins and you activate all three, you will be charged a total of 800 coins, not 500 (which would be 100 + 100 + 300, or the difference between each activation cost). The total coin costs add up very quickly the more time you want the Food Production facility to continuously run for. In the following table, 1st Cost, 2nd Cost, etc refer to each tap of the "Activate" button on the Food Production building. Total Cost and Total Food refer all 6 activations or 6 Time Units, as each level of the Food Production facility runs for a different time length per activation -- see the "Every" column.

LevelUnlock LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeFoodEveryFood/Min1st Cost2nd Cost3rd Cost4th Cost5th Cost6th CostTotal Cost
(6 TUs)
Total Food
(6 TUs)
1 1 ? coins x x x x x x x x x x x x
2 5 ? coins x 1,500 10m 150 1,500 2,100 2,700 3,300 3,900 4,500 18,000 9,000
3 10 30,000 coins 30m 4,000 20m 200 4,000 5,600 7,200 8,800 10,400 12,000 48,000 24,000
4 15 ? coins 1h 9,000 30m 300 9,000 12,600 16,200 19,800 23,400 27,000 108,000 54,000
5 20 100,000 coins 2h 24,000 1h 400 24,000 33,600 43,200 52,800 62,400 72,000 288,000 144,000
6 25 200,000 coins 4h 60,000 2h 500 60,000 84,000 108,000 132,000 156,000 180,000 720,000 360,000
7 ? 1,000 cash 4h 135,000 3h 750 135,000 189,000 243,000 297,000 351,000 405,000 1,620,000 810,000
8 ? 3,000 cash 4 240,000 4h 1,000 240,000 336,000 432,000 1,008,000 x x x 1,440,000
9 ? ? cash x x x x x x x x x x x x
10 ? ? cash x x x x x x x x x x x x


The Aquarium is where all the aquatic creatures are kept. If there are no aquatic creatures in the aquarium, tapping on the water will open the Aquatic Market.

Innovation CenterEdit

In the Innovation Center, you can find a summary of various dinosaurs in your park. Also, if you have a promotional code, there is a "Redeem" button where you can claim it.


The Biosphere is where all the Cenozoic creatures are kept. If there are no Cenozoic creatures in the Biosphere, tapping on the dome will open the Cenozoic Market.


The Hatchery is where land, Cenozoic and aquatic dinosaurs are hatched. There are four incubators with different price tags attached. The use of the first incubator is always free. Each use of the second incubator costs 10 Dino Bucks. Each use of the third costs 25 Dino Bucks and each use of the fourth incubator costs 50 Dino Bucks.

If you have more than one incubator in use at a time, and a dinosaur in a "lower" incubator (more to the left) hatches, you can use that same incubator again for its cost. For example, if the first two incubators are in use (you've paid 10 Dino Bucks to use the second one), and the dinosaur in the first one hatches (first), you can hatch another dinosaur in the first incubator for free - you don't have to pay another 10 Dino Bucks to use a "second" incubator.

Creation LabEdit

The Creation Lab is where dinosaurs are evolved and Hybrids are created.


You must have two of the same type and level dinosaur to attempt to Evolve them. Dinosaurs can be evolved at levels 10, 20, and 30. When you are successful at evolving your dinosaur you only get one animal returned. As some missions require you to have X number of dinosaurs, must be mindful when you choose to evolve. To get one dinosaur to level 40 requires eight animals total.


A Hybrid is created when you take two different level 40 dinosaurs and merge them together. This process takes a large amount of DNA to complete. Once sucessful in creating the first hybrid of that type it can be purchased through the Dino Market. Purchasing a Hybrid in the Dino Market is always cheaper than trying to create it from its two "parent" dinosaurs.


Buildings provide a source of coin income for your park. Buildings are purchased in the Market.

BuildingUnlock LevelSizeConstruction CostIncomeTime PeriodCoins per Area per MinutePicture
ACU Security Office22x22,5001005 min5
Jungle Bean Coffee Shop 5 2x26,25042030 min3.5
Speedy Go Kart Circuit8 4x5100,00028802 hours1.2
Power Generator 11 2x213,7507801 hour3.25
Extinction Roller Coaster15 5x3140,63015601 hour1.73
Triple Crown Hotel18 4x490,0001,4402 hours.75
Little Fossil Gift Shop21 2x226,2502,4004 hours2.5
Jurassic Arcade24 3x3135,0001,5601 hour2.89
Solar Tracker253x370,3202,4004 hour1.11
Discovery Dig Site 29 4x4 145,000 1,440 2 hours .75
Heliport31 4x4 155,000 6,720 16 hours .4375
Cloud Nine Balloon Ride33 2x2 41,250 1,440 2 hours 3
Communication Station36 4x4 180,000 3,360 8 hours .4375
Sky Point40 2x3 75,000 4,200 10 hours 1.167
Pterosauria Cineplex45 3x3 126,570 1,980 3 hours 1.22
Revolution Ferris Wheel48 4x2 120,000 10,080 24 hours .875
Navigator Blimp Ride 51 2x3 95,630 3,780 9 hours 1.167
Horizon Observatory53 3x4 397,500 15,120 18 hours 1.167
Egg Spinner Ride56 2x2 70,000 2,940 7 hours 1.75
Wild Waterfalls 60 3x4 250,000 3,360 8 hours .583
Jurassic Drop Tower 62


77,500 780 1 hours


Decorations provide a percentage bonus to coin production for all dinosaurs and buildings within a specific radius. Decorations are purchased in the Market.

DecorationUnlock LevelSizeConstruction CostBonusRadiusPicture
Amber Pedestal62x26,1502.0%2
Tropical Planter92x212,6502.0%2
Velociraptor Garden Sculpture142x226,0502.0%3
Wooden Bridge162x391,3004.0%4
Park of Prehistory192x322,2502.0%2
Triceratops Sculpture232x2147,1505.0%4
Jungle Conservation26 3x3 72,150 5.0% 2
Stegosaurus Garden Sculpture28 3x2 124,850 3.0% 4
Lava Crater32 3x3 342,250 5.0% 5
Bonfire34 2x2 178,300 4.0% 4
Apatosaurus Garden Sculpture38 2x3 264,300 5.0% 4
Tropical Boulevard42 2x3 344,500 6.0% 4
Modern Arch46 3x4 712,100 7.0% 5
Apatosaurus Fossil49 3x5 1,122,350 10.0% 5
Tar Pit50 3x2 679,500 7.0% 5
John Hammond Memorial54 2x2 936,400 7.0% 6
Park Oasis58 2x2 442,000 10.0% 3
Mystery Cavern61 3x3 403,550 7.0% 3

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