Jurassic World Monopoly prototype

Jurassic World Monopoly is a Monopoly board game by USAopoly released in June 2015. The premise of board game is inspired by the film Jurassic World.[1]


The park is open, so go get all those dinosaurs! The Jurassic World Monopoly board game features some of the coolest dinosaurs the park has to offer, including the genetically modified Indominus Rex! Can you survive the thrills the newest park has in store?[2]


Custom game board features dinosaurs from Jurassic World.[3]


This is a list of all the spaces in the game:

  • 1 - GO - collect you salery
  • 2 - Brown - Aviary - $60
  • 3 - Jurassic World card
  • 4 - Brown - Pteranodon
  • 5 - Technical Difficulties - Pay $200
  • 6 - Conveyance - Ferry
  • 7 - Light Blue - Isla Nublar Lagoon
  • 8 - Cration Lab card
  • 9 - Light Blue - Feeding Show
  • 10 - Light Blue - Mosasaurus
  • 11 - Jail



A deck of Creation Lab and Jurassic World cards which players draw when they land on the corresponding squares of the track, and follow the instructions printed on them.[1]

Fences and enclosuresEdit

IMG 6996

The houses and apartments are replaced by fences and enclosures.[1] Four fences can be build until they can all be upgraded to an enclosure.

The building of fences does not make sense at places like Dino Food, Raptor Pass and ACU.

Despite the fact that the cards call the buildings "fences" and "enclosures" the actual tokes are the standard blue houses and red hotels from the original monopoly games.


IMG 6992


The currency of the game are Jurassic World dollar bank notes.

There are seven types of notes:

  • $1 (white)
  • $5 (pink)
  • $10 (blue)
  • $20 (green)
  • $50 (purple)
  • $100 (yellow)
  • $500 (orange)

The prices would have been more realistic if the notes were in millions of dollars.


IMG 6914

Amber dice.

The two dice in the game are designed to resemble pieces of amber. They are made of yellow tranparant material. Each side of the six-sided dice has pips (dots) indicating a number. The side that should have one pip has a drawing on an insect instead.


Each player is represented by a small zinc token that is moved around the edge of the board according to the roll of two six-sided dice.

The new game tokens are:[1]

  • Park Gates
  • T. rex skull
  • Helicopter
  • John Hammond statue
  • DNA sequence
  • Park tour vehicle


The rules of Jurassic World Monopoly are basically the same as the general Monopoly rules.


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