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Security officer

A security officer on duty, showing his badge identifying him as a member of park security.

Jurassic World Security Officers was a branch of Jurassic World employees responsible for security around the park. Unlike Asset Containment and park rangers, they were intended to be highly visible and mingle with the guests, and so they were rather garish Safari-themed clothing to make them blend in with the theme park setting better.

Security officer attacked

A security officer is attacked by a Dimorphodon.

During the attack on Main Street by Pteranodons and Dimorphodons, at least one officer was seen being knocked to the ground and attacked.

Equipment and NotesEdit

Security's outfits consisted of wide-brimmed bush hats, tan shirts with dark brown neckties, and metallic badges that read "Security Officer." They carried shoulder-mounted radios. It is unknown if they carried firearms (lethal or otherwise) like the ACU and rangers.