Kiosk (front)

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Kiosks are buildings that provide food to visitors.


In most screens and trailers the Kiosks had a Burger Balloon, and a model of a sub. It's primary purpose is to give food to your visitors. It also has a Rest Area (but visitors don't and never use this).

List of itemsEdit

The list of items include meals and side orders (side order not needed/required). You can change their prices.


  • Rex Burger
  • Sandwiches
  • Dino Dog

Side OrdersEdit

  • Paleo Salad
  • Fun Fries
  • Thrillen Chili

While it is not required that you change the meals, side orders, and prices, it is recommended in order to offer variety to your visitors.


  • In Jurassic Park III: Park Builder, there is a Restaurant called Rex Burger.
  • The Restaurant only seems to provide food only and no drinks, but there are two vending machines (for display).
  • In the final design, the sub model was replaced with a drink model.
    • The old design can be brought back by modding.
    • The old design appears in screens for exercises.
  • There is a Rest Area where the visitors can rest (though like the vending machines its for display).
  • All of the item's names have something to do with the game (except for the sandwiches and possibly the Fun Fries, although since your visitors will hopefully have fun in your park, so it's perhaps not that misleading).
  • In the Jurassic World park, the Pteraosauria: The IMAX Experience sells Dino Dogs at the concession stand.