""...Kirby Paint and Tile Plus in Enid, Oklahoma...""
—Paul Kirby(src)

Kirby Paint and Tile Plus was a small business owned by Paul Kirby. It was located in the West Gate Shopping Center in Enid, Oklahoma. According to Paul, it specialized in home makeovers/remodeling of bathroom fixtures and kitchens.

Role in Jurassic Park IIIEdit

Alan Grant, after figuring out Paul Kirby was lying about Kirby Enterprises, asked him what "Kirby Enterprises" really was, if anything. After Kirby didn't respond, Grant quickly announced its non-existence. Udesky referred to it as a "hardware store".

Kirby paints actually exists! Edit

In fact, Kirby's paints company actually exists under the name of "George Kirby Jr. Paint Co." as a marine paints manufacturer and Kirby familly works on that since 1846.

Check out their website: