As the three men entered the first of InGen's manufacturing bays, Thorne noticed that the enormous room contained rows and rows of stainless steel boxes fitted with plastic tubing; Malcolm pointed out that they were gene sequencing machines  and that the machines beyond them were automatic DNA synthesizers. Malcolm picks a ream of yellowed paper off the floor, which contains information on Gallimimus blood factors as well as the finalized DNA sequence for the dinosaur. Malcolm is unsure if the print-outs explain how the dinosaurs are still alive, or if its just something a worker printed long ago and left behind. As they continue to search the room, they locate several memos from InGen scientists that indicate the lab had problems with contamination and infection of the product line that was so serious they were forced to tag the dinosaurs and release them into the wild in hopes that the animals stopped getting sick. Continuing on, the three noticed several staff signs encouraging employees to help stop the spread of DX, which Malcolm assumed was the mystery disease that was plaguing InGen's dinosaurs. While walking down a glass hallway, the three notice the large room next to them appears to be a clean-sealed assembly room in pristine condition apart from a few plants growing through the floor. More surprising, Eddie notices a junction box high on the opposite wall that is lit up which indicates the facility still has power.

While the adults explored the InGen facility, Arby continues to work on Thorne's computer and manages to get a login password for the network. Arby is surprised to find out that the password isn't for Thorne's systems, but for access to InGen's Site B network. Arby waited, thinking that the site was defunct and that the system just let you log on and did nothing after that. After hitting the return key, he is taken to a service list that hadn't been updated in several years. One of the options was Video Network, which showed him videos of dinosaurs. Thinking they were movies, he quickly moved through the videos until he stopped on one that showed the trailers parked outside the building while another showed Eddie, Thorne and Malcolm getting into the Explorer and driving around to the back of the building. A shocked Arby then realized that the videos were all real.