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Land Cruiser BB4 is a tour vehicle used for the Safari Tour of Jurassic Park. It was used along with the BB5 during the Isla Nublar Incident and both have problems with the shifting gear. The car had Tim, Lex and Ed Regis inside during the tour and the shutdown of the park.

After Nedry shutdown the park's security system, both cars stopped near the Tyrannosaur paddock. It was attacked by the Tyrannosaurus first. It was thrown to the side and lifted in the air but Lex fell out of the back door. Tim Murphy was still in the car when its thrown by the T. Rex over the fence and into a tree.

When Tim tried to climb to down the tree, the Land Cruiser followed him and crashed to the ground. Later Robert Muldoon and Donald Gennaro found both Land Cruisers. But inside Cruiser BB4, Muldoon found Tim's digital watch and his vomit and assumed he survived the attack.

The vehicle no longer is mentioned and it was destroyed in the Costa Rica Napalm Bombing.


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