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Les Gigantes (French: "The Giants") is the name of restaurants that appear in Jurassic Park media. The restaurants are located on Isla Nublar and would serve food and drink to the more common tourists of Jurassic Park. In the novel, it was never built due to the Isla Nublar Incident. In the movie canon it was located in the Visitor Center and fully operational.

Novel canon Edit

Les Gigantes was to be the three-star dining restaurant for Jurassic Park. It was located somewere between the Dilophosaur and Triceratops Paddock, the restaurant's name was probably an allusion to these animals. Construction was said to begin in November of 1989, but never occurs.

Alain Richard, a world reknown french chef, was to be the Head Chef of the restaurant.

Film canon Edit


Artwork from Jurassic Park: The Game


Artwork from Jurassic Park: The Game


In Jurassic Park a cafeteria was located inside the Visitor Center. Contrary to the V.I.P. Dining Room, it was for normal guests of the park. It housed a buffet as well as many tables and chairs. It was surrounded by artwork with dinosaurs and amber. It was located next to the Gallimimus Gift Shop, where people could buy pajamas, toys, cups, and more.

The restaurant is called "Les Gigantes" on the Tour the Island website and the InGen Field Guide.[1]

For some reason, the Cafe was completely supplied with more food than the endorsement team could eat. The food would spoil or at least not stay fresh until the park opened and other people arrived at the park. It is probable that the food was made for staff members, as multiple are seen at the beginning of the film, but are forced to evacuate due to the tropical storm.

Visitor Center

Visitor Center

Visitor Center


  • In The Making of Jurassic Park (book) the restaurant is called "Cretaceous Cafe". However, it is called "Les Gigantes" in Jurassic Park: The Game.
  • In the V.I.P. Dining Room Alejandro is the Head Chef. It is possible he was also the Chef of Les Gigantes.
  • The walls of the Jurassic Park Kid Suites feature similar artwork as the restaurant.
  • Though not making an appearance in Jurassic World, the Indominus Rex smashed through one of the entrances to the cafe, meaning that the room as well as the Kitchen and Garage were heavily damaged during the attack.

Sources Edit

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