Upon returning to the trailers, Thorne and Levine are greeted by the kids; Levine comments that it was unwise to bring them while the kids insist that they came without the knowledge of the adults. Eddie and Malcolm chastise Levine for leaving without telling them; Levine informs them that the Costa Rican government has a new form of encephalitis on its hands and is attributing it to the dinosaur carcasses that wash up on shore. Despite that scenario being very unlikely, Levine wished to hurry to the island because once the Costa Rican government found out about Isla Sorna nothing would stop them from destroying the island just like they did with Isla Nublar. Levine recounts the events that happened to him upon landing on the island; the attack at the stream with Diego being hauled off by an unseen predator, his encounter with the velociraptors and discovering the abandoned InGen facility. Eddie, annoyed by Levine's ungrateful attitude, reminds him that the only reason they're there is to save him to which Levine arrogantly replies he never asked for help. Thorne reminded him of his satphone call earlier; Levine says it was a misunderstanding due to the phone being overly complicated to work. Having thoroughly angered everyone present, Malcolm turns to Eddie and says "A great scientist, and a great human being" before walking off. Undeterred, Levine insists that they were all coming to the island sooner or later and in this instance sooner was better and that the island presents a great opportunity that shouldn't be wasted with bickering.