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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis is one of the most cheat-featured games in American video game industry. All cheats are activated through the use of the bracket keys and arrow keys. These cheats are:

  • Gimme Some Money - earning $10,000.
  • Gimme Lots of Money - earning $250,000.
  • Pax Jurassicus - no rampages will occur, this is dominant over the Rampage Cheat.
  • Rampage - all large carnivores and Velociraptors will go on a rampage. Ceratosaurus, Dilophosaurus and Albertosaurus will all fall into a coma.
  • Isla Muerta - there is stormy weather.
  • Dial-a-Twister - a twister occurs.
  • No Red Tape - if your visitor is eaten by a dinosaur, then you receive no penalty.
  • Oh No! - all your human visitors will die.
  • Minimum Security - your fences become High Security at no cost.
  • Instant Alcatraz - your fences become Low Security at no cost.
  • Plague Outbreak - all your dinosaurs will become sick. However, researching all diseases is dominant over this cheat along with Hatchery Immunization in the Research Lab.
  • All Research - everything is available to you automatically at no cost.
  • Exodus - your dinosaur DNA becomes 0%.
  • Ooops! - your fences disappear allowing the dinosaurs to roam free.
  • Impossible Mission - Site B, all missions and all exercises are unlocked.
  • Extinction Event - all your dinosaurs die from natural causes or malnutrition.
  • Market Day - the Fossil Market has several shipments, the Mr. DNA cheat is dominant over this cheat.
  • Mr. DNA - your dinosaur DNA becomes 100%.
  • No Twisters - no twisters will occur on your island.
  • Zombie Dinosaurs (known as Isla Muerta in PS2 version) - your dinosaurs will hatch out of the hatcheries apparently in their skeleton corpses, the same image used from when they are decaying when dead.

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