This list contains persons appearing in the Crichton novels of minor notability, about whom either nothing (not even the name) or very little is known.

Jurassic Park Edit


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Owens was the general contractor for Jurassic Park, employed by InGen. Little to nothing is known about him, besides the fact that Ed Regis felt that he should have taken the injured workman to the mainland, and not Regis himself. He was mentioned a few times in the chapter Plans.

His role is omitted from the film.


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Kathy was a veterinary-nurse at Jurassic Park. She was seen taking care of a baby Velociraptor in the nursery in the Visitor Center. It can be presumed she worked under Dr. Harding. Her fate remains unknown.

She is omitted from the film.

Maintenance Worker Edit

This maintenance worker was a Costa-Rican (possibly) man who worked by the raptor holding pen. He was black (as described by the author) and had a sarcastic attitude. He was only seen after the raptors ambushed the cage in front of the inspection team.

His role is omitted from the film.

Maintenance Worker Edit

This maintenance employee was one of the last introduced characters of Jurassic Park. He was described as Costa-Rican. He was seen by John Hammond walking towards the lodge, and then became alarmed when he saw several compys in the area. He escaped the island with everyone else and was the last person to see Hammond alive.

His role is omitted from the film.

Tour Guide (Males)Edit

These Tour Guides were black men (as described by the author) that wore safari-styled uniforms and pith helmets. They are seen opening the land cruiser doors for the endorsment team. They are not seen again in the novel, and is presumed to have escaped with the majority of the staff.

They roles are omitted from the film.

Tour Guide (Female)Edit

This Tour Guide is a Costa Rican woman that is seen passing out pith helmets with a "little-blue dinosaur logo" on them. She is not seen again in the novel.

Her role is omitted from the film.

The Lost World Edit

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