Lori Ruso was a scientist at InGen's Site B cloning facility. In The Lost World novel, Malcolm finds an email send by Lori Ruso to "all personnel".[1] She announces new lab regulations to minimize contamination during the cloning process. The email indicates that Ruso was a high supervisor of the facility. She was either was a general microbiologist or embryologist.


From: Lori Ruso
To: All Personnel
Subject: Low Production Yields
Recent episodes of wastage of successful live births in the period 24-27 hours
post-hatching have been traced to contamination from Escherichia coli
bacteria. These have gut production yields by 60% and arise from inadequate sterile
precautions by floor personnel, principally during Process H (Egg Maintenance Phase,
Hormone Enhancement 2G/H).
Komera swing arms have been replaced and re-sleeved on robots 5A and 7D, but needle
replacement must still be done daily in accordance with sterile conditions (General
Manual: Guideline 5-9).
During the next production cycle (10/12 - 10/26) we will sacrifice every tenth egg at
H Step to test for contamination. Begin set-asides at once. Report all errors. Stop
the line whenever necessary until this is cleared up.


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