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"We have a landing strip up ahead..."

M.B. Nash was one of the mercenaries hired by Udesky to work for the Kirby family. He is a former master sergeant in some form of the U.S armed forces, according to his dog tags. He took Paul Kirby's satellite phone before he is devoured by the Spinosaurus.

Jurassic Park IIIEdit

He was the airplane pilot who flew the plane with the Kirbys to find Eric Kirby on Isla Sorna. However, they have landed on the same island that had restricted human interference known as Site B while Amanda Kirby was calling for her son Eric (also her husband's son) and Ben Hildebrand. She asked what was the bad idea after both her husband and Grant told her that it was a very bad idea. After landing on the island, they are attacked by the Spinosaurus. He had been attacked by the Spinosaurus and abandoned Cooper after their first landing, but he lost control of the plane after it had accidentally slammed against the Spinosaurus, and it crashed into a forest by accident. Then the Spinosaurus destroyed the airplane, pulling Nash out by his legs as he screamed and begged the others to save him and Nash got dropped to the ground. He began crawling away as the Spinosaurus stepped on his back, and devoured him very messily before he could flee. The satellite phone he was carrying was found by Amanda Kirby in Spinosaurus feces, along with human bones and Cooper's femur. His weapons included a Heckler and Koch SL8 fitted with a 10 round magazine and M68 Aim point red dot sight, and what looks like a Mossberg 500 Cruiser 12 gauge slinged over his back.

Toy lineEdit

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The blue human is Nash

In the Jurassic Park III: Island Survival Game, Nash is one of the humans that have to flee from the island.


"Who has the satellite phone?"

"Help me!"

Trivia Edit

When the Spinosaurus is attacking the plane, Nash's shotgun on his back changes to a rifle, then back to a shotgun before he is killed.

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