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JP Golf Cart

Maintenance Golf Cart used by employees in the film

Maintenance Team

The Maintenance Team seen on screen

The maintenance vehicles were a series of vehicles used in Jurassic Park for short transportation. They were electrically powered and resembled golf-carts. There are at least 22 for the maintenance buildings, but there were possibly more. Other maintenance vehicles consisted of a van and flatbed trucks.

They are categorized by their Maintenance Building's number (e.g. 04) and then by the total in their class (such as 22).

Known Maintenance CarsEdit


  • They are the only class of the three vehicles on Isla Nublar to not appear in the film specifically.
    • But when the group is exiting the Visitor Center for the tour ride, a red golf cart can be seen with several employees. This may possibly be a maintenance vehicle.
    • Several other maintenance vehicles are stored in the East Garage.