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The Marine Facility was an enclosure built within Jurassic Park. It only ever appears in Jurassic Park: The Game. It featured species of extinct marine reptile; its main exhibit is a Tylosaurus.

The Facility was never shut down during the Isla Nublar Incident, most likely because Dennis Nedry felt that it wouldn't need to be turned off. Because of this, power to the aquarium remained untouched.



  • Concept art of this environment was shown in the Telltale Insider Forums as exclusive art. It was labeled: "jp_envMarineFacilityPublicArea".
  • It can be assumed that since the facility was never mentioned before (in movie or novel), this building may have some "secret" aspect to it and not all InGen staff knew of it. However, the lack of mentioning of the aquarium in the movie could easily be expained by it being a "Phase B" attraction, meaning that it was not ready for anyone, besides construction workers/employees, visiting it until after the park was opened to the public.
  • The Mosasaur (identified as a Tylosaurus) is one of the first non-dinosaurian creature to be displayed in the Marine Aquarium (since no other creature, except Horseshoe Crab, that is shown in the Jurassic Park: The Game). The Mosasaur itself was never explained in any of the Jurassic Park films.
  • In Dr. Sorkin's field guide, when she first found out about the Marine Facility in Jurassic Park, she thought that Dr. Wu may have created a Plesiosaur as the main attraction, until she realized that there is a Mosasaur in the facility.
  • A map of Isla Sorna is seen in the rotunda. It's an easter egg put in by Telltale Games.


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