Martel was an InGen facility that opened in November 2014 located in Siberia. It was constructed beginning two years before its opening in 2012[1] and two mines in Argentina that InGen owned were temporarily closed to focus on the project.[2] The facility was believed to have been situated over a group of Woolly Mammoths buried in the native permafrost .The purpose of the facility was to drill into 42 glacial ice locations in search organic remains from the Pleistocene epoch, dating from 40,000 to 200,000 years ago. The excavation was to 18 months and had a rotating team of up to nine scientists in total plus 45 people in the excavation crew.[1]

Just three months after its opening, the team had found many highly preserved carcasses. Despite the finds, Dr. Henry Wu withheld from speculating that there could be Cenozoic life created for Jurassic World, stating in the 2014 fiscal year for the Masrani Global Corporation that InGen's current focus with Martel was with creating the world's largest genomic library, though he noted that "if the world tells us that's what they want to see, we're more than prepared."[2]

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