FANDOM is a viral marketing website for Jurassic World created by Timack Creations. First launched as a fansite for the then unnamed "Jurassic Park IV", the fansite's creators were contacted by Universal Studios to make it an official website. The website itself is of the fictional Masrani Global Corporation owned by Simon Masrani and contains in-universe information that fills the gaps of the film continuity, such as what happened to InGen after The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

It is the second attempt at viral marketing in the Jurassic Park franchise, the first being in 1997.


The website was launched in early 2014 by two Jurassic Park fans named Jack Anthony Ewins and Timothy Glover, the later who conceived the idea. The website was based on leaked information that listed the dinosaur park owner's name as "Patel". Despite being fanmade, several people of the Jurassic Park fan community believed the website to be legitimate.[1]

In April 2014, Universal contacted Ewins and Glover and asked the two to build the official viral website named "Masrani Global". Signing non-discourse agreements, Ewins and Glover were given an early version of the Jurassic World screenplay, photo stills, and rough cuts of the trailers.[1]

The finalized website first appeared in November 2014.


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