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Name meaning

"Mega Tooth"




20.3 meters


50-60 tonnes


Isla Nublar

Game appearances

Jurassic Park: Builder
Jurassic World: The Game

Template Source
Megalodon was a large shark that lived from the Late Oligocene to the Early Pleistocene epochs. It had the most powerful bite of any organism that ever existed on the planet,[1] enough to crush an automobile.[2]
Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Megalodon


Jurassic Park: Builder

see Megalodon/Builder

In Jurassic Park: Builder, Megalodon can be created in the Aquatic Park section. It can only be created by collecting a rare DNA sample from an aquatic expedition.

Jurassic World: The Game

see Megalodon/JW: TG

In Jurassic World: The Game, Megalodon can be created as a legendary surface creature in the aquatic park.


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