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Name meaning

"great lizard"





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Game appearances

Jurassic Park III: Park Builder
LEGO Jurassic World (mentioned only)
Jurassic World: The Game

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Megalosaurus was the first dinosaur ever to be discovered. Sir Richard Owen described it as a large monitor lizard due to its teeth that look so similar. The face of Megalosaurus remains a mystery, Dr. Thomas R. Holtz says it might be an ancestor of the spinosaurids many scientists agreed with him while others say it's a carnosaur. The most complete skeleton which has 22 percent of Megalosaurus had more details of a spinosaurid than a carnosaur. Megalosaurus might have been 34 ft long, weighed 4 tons and is assigned to its own family: Megalosauridae.

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Megalosaurus

Video gamesEdit

Jurassic Park III: Park BuilderEdit

Megalosaurus has never appeared or mentioned in any Jurassic Park films or books, it has however appeared in Jurassic Park III: Park Builder.

LEGO Jurassic WorldEdit

Megalosaurus is mentioned in one of the facts Mr. DNA provides for the player.

Jurassic World: The GameEdit

see Megalosaurus/JW: TG

Megalosaurus was added to the game on November 27th, 2015, but is a limited tournament dinosaur. It is a legendary carnivore. It should be noted that the game has the Megalosaurus have only 2 fingers due to it sharing the model with Tyrannosaurus rex, Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus, and many other large carnivores in the game, when in reality, they had 3 fingers.

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