"It's a birdcage."
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Mercedes 5

Mercedes 05 in the Apatosaurus paddock.

Mercedes 05 was a Mercedes-Benz G 550 driven by Owen Grady and Claire Dearing when they went looking for Zach and Gray Mitchell after their gyrosphere, Gyrosphere 07, failed to report in. After discovering the wreckage of 07, they left Mercedes 05 behind and continued on foot. The vehicle's fate following this is somewhat unknown, since Owen and Claire never returned to it, but after they left it it was apparently found and returned to the hub because it was among the vehicles seen driving past them while she was on the phone with Zara.

Mercedes 05 toy
Mercedes 05 was made as a toy by Jada Toys as part of their toy line based on the vehicles in the film. It has a much larger Jurassic World logo on its front doors than it does in the film however.