As Thorne and Malcolm leave San Francisco and drive to the airport, Malcolm asks Thorne if Eddie knows where they are going. Thorne replies that he told Eddie where they are going and what to expect, but believes that Eddie didn't really believe what he was told. Malcolm gets a message from Arby and Kelly, wishing them well on their trip; a suspicious Thorne asks when the message was sent. Malcolm tells him it was sent 4 minutes earlier, which seems to relax Thorne. Malcolm muses to himself about Levine and how unwise it was for him to leave; Thorne assures him that so long as they have the right island they will find him. Malcolm replies that they have the right island, and tells Thorne about the carcass Levine examined and the sample that was recovered; the sample had an old radio tag attached to it and the tag was weathered by corrosion, and only Isla Sorna is volcanically active.  Thorne asks if anyone else knows about the island and Malcolm replies that people are searching for it, but he doesn't think they've figured out the exact island yet. He then tells Thorne about the break-in at his office and that the maps were photographed, but at the time he had not yet figured out which island they were looking for.