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  • Mjamnnella, I have finally finished the new law system. I have decided to do this: first go from Crypman8 then to Owerslachlan, and all the way up to CrashBash, and othr higher-rankers, and present the prop to them. I want to know what you think. If you agree, here you go:

    This is what you need to do: 1. Read it. 2. Find things you want to change, and edit it, then post it on this discussion. 3. Sign it, before you post it. Here is the law: New law proposal of 2018

    Also known as "the stable system act".

    Under this new law system, the way moderators keep the wiki in check, will now partially involve the public itself. Proposed by Crypman8, the already active "Vote of no confidence", will play a crucial role in this system. This allows other users to vote for themselves, what fate a prosecuted user has. Under this system, users will play the main part in the trial of other users.

    What stays and changes

    Moderation will no longer be fully, deletion, and warning. However, this of course does stay as a part of the act. Small Mod actions, such as editing posts, breaking up fights, and closing threads, will still be a part, of course. The moderators will retain all their rights, and the non moderators will gain a responsibility for the protection of the site, at a certain point, as the before stated, Vote of no confidence".


    This has been made directly for the protection of the site, and especially the the moderators. On the 22nd of October two more moderators will be added(who's names are not disclosed. However, some may know who they are). With this happening, the law will now let other moderators train and Apprentice other users, who wish to become mods themselves, not, just the head moderator, Carnotaur. Along with this, a new ranking system will be made:


    Bureaucrats-who have the right to ban, to do system control, and have complete control of the site.

    Admins-who have the rights to ban, and scan the site for vandalization, and to help other users.


    Content moderators-who have the right to ban, stop vandalization, and out right keep the pages, and message walls safe.

    Head discussion moderators-who have the right to report, delete, lock threads, delete threads, and edit threads, in the discussion posts, and every other discussion on message walls, blogs, and page discussions, on the entire site itself.

    Regular discussion moderators-who have the all the same rights as the head Moderator. However, it is advised that a serious situation be reported by them, to the head moderator.

    Chat moderators-who have the rights to protect the chat, by banning users from chat, and kicking them out if necessary.

    Moderator trainees- Who have the rights to report, and to patrol the site for problems.

    Users-who have the rights to report, and do what they can to stop situations. They also have the right to hold, and to participate in a "Vote of no confidence".

    This is the proposed ranking. With this, we can have easier time keeping the wiki safe. However, all users are still equal in every way, except ranking.

    The laws

    The laws are based off of three things: Infraction, misdemeanor, and felony. The idea is simple: If some makes a slight error, its a infraction. If they make a error that is a larger problem for the site, they get a misdemeanor. Finally, if they make a mistake that is a threat to the sites calm, and in order system, they get a felony, and a "Vote of no confidence".

    Felonies: Vandalizing page(s) once: warning, and fix.

    Vandalizing page(s) multiple: "Vote of no confidence".

    Spamming once: warning and possibly deletion.

    Spamming multiple: deletion, and "Vote of no confidence".

    Bullying and harassing: warning, and "Vote of no confidence", depending on. Severity.


    Problem starting multiple: "Vote of no confidence".

    Inserting inappropriate content unsuitable for younger users, such a derogatory statements once: warning, and deletion.

    Inserting inappropriate content unsuitable for younger users, such a derogatory statements multiple: "Vote of no confidence".

    Use of foul language once: warning, and deletion.

    Use of foul language multiple: "Vote of no confidence".


    Double, triple, or more posting once: possible deletion, warning.

    Double, triple posting multiple: deletion, and "Vote of no confidence".

    Lying, and telling false truths once: warning and instant deletion.

    Lying, and telling false truths multiple: "Vote of no confidence".

    With this list, we can quickly round up a problem.

    NOTE: the use of "once" and "multiple" represent the first time a user commits the crime, and any number they commit afterward.

    Note by original writer: hopefully this can help you decide, but I have taken a class on law and order, and believe this prop. to be very important to to wikia.


    Finally,this would repeal the second guidline, which states that a user can not ask for upvotes.




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  • Several days ago, I discussed with CrashBash about changing the color scheme, to a more classic style. We held a vote, and it came out that we should change it. CrashBash said its ok with him, but he said he didn't know how to change it. So he said to me that I should find someone else So I went to Animalman57, but he never responded. So now you are the last option. Since you are a admin, and since you'd have permission from Crash, can you please change it? Ill give you the change list if you agree to. Thank you in advance. Im only a discussion/chat moderator, so I can't do it my self saldy.

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    • I'll see what I can do. If there's nothing I can do, then I suppose that permission is only doable by a bureaucrat.. Edit: I just relaized that CrashBash is a bueaucat. I'll still keep trying to see what makes changes.

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  • I doubt the native deer species ever went extinct from Mount Sibo. Mount sibo erupted several times and they survived it. The only reason I can see them go extinct is by the dinosaurs. But do you think they got killed off?

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    • Mjamnnella wrote: It's more likely than not they went extinct. They've also neither been mentioned in the films n'or the promotional websites.

      Do you mean any promotional website, because they were introduced in "Masrani Global" if you do.

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    • I wasn't aware of that, my mistake.

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  • Was there more than one Carnotaurus saved? I'm just saying that because I only saw one Carnotaurus on mainland.

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  • Just curious, but why are some aspects and information regarding Indoraptor missing? Among the things that are missing, I noticed some details regarding its pursuit of Claire, Owen and Maisie are absent, as well as the fact that the first time you see the creature is not during the auction but when it scares Maisie by playing with her hair through the bars of its cage. The creature also has a distinct personality the article leaves out, but is mentioned by Dr. Wu in the film as well; that the creature is a sociopath with no emotional attachments to make it more trainable. It is also sadistic and malicious based on how it kills Wheatley and slowly moves in for the kill to frighten Maisie in her bed. 

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    • Well, while the sociopath part wouldn't be needed due to the fact that the page describes the species, not the individual animal.

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    • There's only one individual of said species and there won't be any more, so why shouldn't the sociopathic nature of the Indoraptor be included in the article?

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    • Because it doesn't describe the entire species, maybe calling the Indoraptor as "A sociopathic Indoraptor..." or "This individual showed signs of sociopathy...", but don't list it for the entire species.

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  • There is a page called pistol of very poor quality. I believe it is not needed and should be removed. These are all the words on the page:

    "About the pistol:

    It is a small gun and is not rapid fire"

    So if you don't think it is necessary, will you delete it? If someone hasn't already.

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  • Claire and Owen are confirmed to return in Jurassic world 3. Is it ok if I add it.

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  • Can you add these to the Indoraptor page or unlock the page so people can edit it with us so close to the American movie release (its' tomorrow!)?

    Screenshot 2018-06-21 at 5.53.00 PM
    Screenshot 2018-06-21 at 5.46.25 PM
    Screenshot 2018-06-21 at 5.47.24 PM
    Screenshot 2018-06-21 at 5.48.46 PM
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  • It seems the consensus is to include spoilers on the wiki, provided there is ample warning (I.E. including the spoiler tag)

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    • No, because other wikis add information the moment it comes out, regardless.

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    • BattleshipMan wrote:
      CrashBash, I know the poll was decided on, but we should wait until the 22nd to add them since that movie is an American film and a lot of Americans who haven't seen that movie will be spoiled if we see it on here and Wikipedia. We got 8 days until it comes out here. Let's wait until it reaches it's released on the 22nd. That will be enough.

      Well nobody is forcing those Americans onto this site.

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