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"Where the hell is Nedry?! Fat bastard's probably stuck in a doorway somewhere!"


Miles Chadwick is a character in Jurassic Park: The Game. He is an employee of Biosyn, InGen's rival company. He is accompanied by Nima to retrieve the embryos that Dennis Nedry failed to deliver in the first film. He has an obnoxious and cowardly personality.

Development Edit

In the commentary of the game, the developers explain that Miles Chadwick was meant to be an unpleasant character that the viewer wants to seen killed by a dinosaur; like Donald Gennaro. His last name Chadwick was chosen because it sounds like cheesecake.[1]


He is cowardly and panics at the sight of Dilophosaurus. He pushes Nima onto the ground when they are surrounded in order to draw attention away from himself. He is devoured by a Dilophosaurus when it leaps on his back and bites his vein vessel pack, just before another Dilo joins in the feast. Miles' remains were probably destroyed in the napalm bombing.


  • He apparently owns a Porsche.
  • Miles is possibly mentioned in the film by Dennis Nedry during his conversation with Dodgson in San Jose.
  • Miles is most likely the guy that Nedry was speaking to in the film through a webcam, referred to only as "Mate".


References Edit

  1. Jurassic Park: The Game commentary.

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