"What is all this?"
Claire Dearing(src)

The Miscellaneous hybrids are hybrids created by InGen in the Hammond Creation Lab, but lack names and (presumably) lack dinosaur DNA.


Several hybrids were created by InGen and kept in terrariums inside the Hammond Creation Lab. These included a caiman lizard with feathers, a Veiled chameleon with a forked tongue that grabbed prey with its hand, and an axolotl with fins and a long tail. A two-headed albino snake was also present, though it is unknown if this was actually a hybrid or not.

Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and Claire's nephews Gray and Zach Mitchell saw these hybrids when they entered the lab. The fate of these hybrids are unknown, as they were retrieved by the InGen Security Division.[1]


In chapter 24, when Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and Zach and Gray Mitchell enter the Hammond Creation Lab, they see several hybrids of modern animals. they are a monkey with bat wings, a strangely muscular mouse, and a fish with small clawed hands and feet.[2]

LEGO Jurassic WorldEdit

Several miscellaneous hybrids appear in the opening cutscene to the level "Main Street Showdown". The hybrids seen are a pig with wings, a chicken crossed with a lawnmower, an owl with a mermaid's tail for legs, and a pink cow with a unicorn's horn and large bat-like wings. These hybrids are evacuated by the InGen Security Division along with many amber pieces. When Echo attacks Vic Hoskins she replaces his hands and legs for crab claws and a mermaid's tail respectively.

In the end cutscene to the Jurassic World levels, the pink cow hybrid and Dr. Henry Wu are passengers on the InGen chinook helicopter that leaves Isla Nublar.


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