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In Jurassic Park III, Paul Kirby charters a twin-engine turboprop plane to fly an low altitude aerial tour around the island, in which Dr. Alan Grant is their guide. The plane was destroyed when it crashed into Isla Sorna's Forest thanks to the Spinosaurus.

Aircraft Details:Edit

   Company: Beechcraft

  • Type: Super King Air 200
  • Cockpit Configuration: Standard Instrument Cockpit
  • Seating: Up to 11
  • Passengers in movie: 5
  • Tail Number: N622DC
  • Engine Type: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-60A 1,050 shp
  • Cruise speed: 315 kts, 363 mph, 583 km/h
  • Service Ceiling: 35,000 ft, 10,668 m
  • Length: 46.7 ft, 14.23 m
  • Wingspan: 57.9ft, 17.65 m
  • Height: 14.3 ft, 4.36 m