Nima must climb the slope to Nedry's jeep. Upon opening the door, a Dilophosaurus jumps out that had been feeding on Nedry's body. Miles returns and starts looking for the canister inside while Nima follows Nedry's tracks below. She realizes it is too dark, so she must adjust the lights on the jeep so that she can see the tree where the winch cable was tied off. She is then able to continue tracing Nedry's tracks. When Miles suddenly appears empty handed, Nima indicates that Nedry's tracks lead back to the jeep where she continues to look for clues. She finds a soda can inside comparable to the size of the canister and somehow realizes that if she drops it down the slope it will likely land where the canister fell.


  • In Jurassic Park: The Game Jeep 12 is accidentally mislettered as JP 14, the same jeep the Hardings' were driving! But later when Nima is escaping the Dilophosaurus it regains the number JP 12.