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As Thorne slowly approached the tyrannosaur nest, he saw that both rexes were attending infants nestled inside a large mount of hardened earth. Arby and Kelly, who are watching Thorne through the island's camera network, notice that one of the cameras is moving oddly by itself; Arby figures that Levine is up in a tree and is moving the camera around and relays this information to Thorne. A few moments later, Thorne hears a snap and yell as Levine falls out of the tree and lands hard on the ground. This attracts the attention of the male T-rex, who goes after them. Thorne and Levine hop on the motorcycle and take off with the tyrannosaur chasing behind them. Levine yells something at Thorne, who continues driving away at top speed until Levine gets him to stop. Levine chastises him for his reckless driving while an angry Thorne retorts that the animal was clearly attacking them. Levine says the rex stopped following them shortly after they left and was merely chasing them off. A bemused Malcolm pipes up over the radio, commenting on Levine not thinking of thanking them for pulling him out of there. Thorne and Levine return to the trailers, where a stunned Levine finds both Arby and Kelly waiting excitedly for him.

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