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Nishihara was a Japanese firm, possibly a major financer or side-branch of International Genetic Techonolies, Inc. They are only mentioned very briefly in the second novel.


  • Ian Malcolm mentions that the gene sequencers inside InGen's laboratory on Isla Sorna were Nishihara-made, but in the first novel when Malcolm takes the tour, the gene sequencers on Isla Nublar were Hamachi-made gene sequencers.


  • "They were standing inside an enormous space, consisting of row after row of rectangular stainless-steel boxes, each fitted with a tangled maze of plastic tubing. Everything was dusty; many of the boxes were knocked over." -Dr. Jack Thorne on the gene sequencers and laboratory
  • "'The first rows,' Malcolm said, 'are Nishihara gene sequencers. And beyond are the automatic DNA synthesizers.'" -Ian Malcolm, in The Lost World

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