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Norman Atherton was an InGen member who never appeared, and was only ever mentioned, in the first novel.

Norman Atherton was the chief geneticist in the starting years of InGen. He cloned a "dwarf elephant" that John Hammond used to show to new investors what InGen was capable of. Norman died of heart cancer before InGen started with the cloning of dinosaurs. Norman's student, Henry Wu, became the new chief geneticist of InGen, and it was he that designed the procedure to recreate the dinosaurs.

In Jurassic Park: Trespasser, Isla Sorna's monorail is named in honor of Atherton. It is also stated in the "History of InGen" page in Trespasser's guide--"In 1979, Stanford Geneticist Norman Atherton and flamboyant venture capitalist John Hammond founded International Genetic Technologies--InGen." Unused quotes also say that Hammond met Atherton and Wu in 1979. Hammond and Atherton laid out the plans for InGen in Norman's office at Stanford.

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