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North Dock

"If you arrive by sea, our main dock facility will be your first experience of Jurassic Park. As you disembark from your luxury cruise liner, you will be met by our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides who will take you aboard VIP transportation to our visitor center where your Jurassic adventure will begin! Consult your travel agent for affiliate ports and cruise lines."

The Isla Nublar/Jurassic Park North Docks were where the big cruise ships would've unloaded the majority of visitors to the park. It had its own vehicle fleet to transport guests to the Visitor Center, passing by the Velociraptor and Herrerasaur Paddocks, and the Bone Shaker roller coaster on the way.

It was only mentioned in the books, but makes an appearance in Jurassic Park: The Game.


Unlike the East Docks, which only has a small platform and dockhouse, the North Docks have the following:

  • Pier
  • Guard Tower
  • Processing Center
  • Container Yard
  • Main Gates to park


  • The North Dock seems stronger, and slightly larger than the East Dock
  • The novel describes it as "the North Dock where all the big supply ships come in..." whereas in the game, the North Dock is meant for Cruise Liners
  • The North Dock is one of two major entry and department centers on Isla Nublar; the first being the airstrip provided by Continental Airlines, and the second as the Cruise Ship berth
  • This is where Nima would have met her contact. Her contact may have be eaten by a Dinosaur, possibly by the T-Rex. This may be due to the fact that money was found in a bag after all three escape on the boat in the end.