Open Range Safari is the fifth exercise of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. This is the first mission in which you have to build a park from nothing.


The island is very large, split into two by two rivers. The terrain is flat, there are no valley's or mountains. The central plain is enclosed by low defence fences intended for the herbivores. The Jurassic Park Entrance is already build.


The objective list is longer than can be shown in one window. Therefore you have to scroll down in the list to see all objectives.

Dig sites and DinosaursEdit

The following dinosaurs can be created in this mission:


  • Dryosaurus flocks tend to move away from the hatchery site, heading west to the small corner. Most of the time your herbivores will disperse to the inner areas of the enclosure, making it hard for your visitors to see them. Also, there is little room for your buildings, so you might have to reshape the enclosure.
  • Achieving the authenticity score is the hardest objective, as entertainment bias cannot be applied to the Safari Ride. For this reason, it is a good idea to place the Camarasaurus, Dryosaurus, Stegosaurus and Brachiosaurus together first, with Paleo trees and without Herbivore Feeders. Maybe add a Ceratosaurus as well to boost the score further. Once the authenticity objective has been achieved, add the Herbivore Feeders and the Cretaceous herbivores.
  • The Safari Ride’s Entertainment score can only increase when visitors are in the car. Reducing the attraction’s admission price or researching the Cash Machine will make visitors use the Safari Ride more often.
  • Dilophosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus fossils should all be sold as they are not required for completion. However, Ceratosaurus can be used to boost the authenticity so it’s a good idea to add one to the enclosure.