Single shot,12 Gauge, flare gun

The Orion Flare Gun is a pistol that fires flares. Its function is to fire off a flare that could serve as a distress signal. It can be used as a weapon depending on the situation. The flare gun is used by InGen employees as part of their equipment in case of an emergency. In Jurassic Park III when Dr. Grant and the Kirbys are attacked by the Spinosaurus at the river, Grant dives into the river and finds a flare gun and he fires one shot at the dinosaur, causing an oil slick on the water to ignite the gasoline in the water and warding off the Spinosaurus. In reality, if the flares are submerged in water the flares would be to damp to continue burning.


  • The flare gun used in Jurassic Park III had reversed colors; the handle was orange and the gun itself was black.
    JP3 Flaregun

    The Orion Flare Gun in JP///