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Jurassic Park Institute Artwork

Name meaning

"bird robber"




2 meters (6.5 feet)


12 kg (26 lbs)


Isla Sorna
Costa Rica

Birth type


Novel canon appearances

The Lost World

Game appearances

Jurassic Park III: Park Builder

Template Source

Ornitholestes (ORN - ith - oh - LESS - tees) was a small theropod dinosaur that lived in the Late Jurassic Period in North America. The single existing specimen of Ornitholestes was found in Bone Cabin Quarry in Wyoming in 1900 and described by Henry Fairfield Osborn in 1903. It consists of an almost complete skeleton and a complete, but compressed skull. It is on display in New York at the American Museum of Natural History.

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Ornitholestes

The Lost World (novel)Edit

Campers find the corpse of a large reptile on the beach of Rojas. Martin "Marty" Guitierrez invites Richard Levine to identify the creature. The corpse is destroyed by soldiers shortly after the scientists arrive. Levine identifies the creature as an Ornitholestes.

Levine manages to save a skin sample from the creature. The sample is send to Ian Malcolm.[1] Elizabeth Gelman analyzes the sample and shows the results to Malcolm. The skin has a structure comparable with pelicans; although it doesn't have feathers. It also has a 2 cm square green plastic radio tag.[2]

Elizabeth Gelman also notes that the skin contains a density of chromatophores, or pigment-bearing cells. The chromatophore could open and close. Meaning that this animal could change color, like a chameleon.

Video gamesEdit

024 - ornitholestes

Ornitholestes is no. 024 of the Carnivore Ones that can be created in Jurassic Park III: Park Builder.


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