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Orthacanthus (0)
Jurassic Park Institute Artwork

Name meaning

"Vertical Spike"




3 m (10 ft)


45 kg (100 lbs)

Game appearances

Jurassic World: The Game

Template Source

Orthacanthus is a genus of prehistoric freshwater shark that lived during the Paleozoic era (400-225 mya). It was a member of a group of ancient sharks called xenacanths, all of which were freshwater sharks with long fins down their backs and a spine at the start of the fin. It was the largest of the known xenacanths.

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Orthacanthus


Jurassic World: The GameEdit

see Orthacanthus/JW: TG

Orthacanthus appears in Jurassic World: The Game, where it is a Cave creature that is obtained through VIP Membership.

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