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""Osprey?" Que Inepto!"
Nima Cruz(src)

Osprey is a Biosyn employee whose names briefly appears in Jurassic Park: The Game.


In the scenario The Docks Miles Chadwick and Nima Cruz are waiting at the East Dock for Dennis Nedry. Miles has a picture of the Barbasol can that Nedry is supposed to hand over to him. On the picture is a yellow memo that says

Hand-off is a go.
Clean-up at your descretion.

When Nima reads the memo she utters "'Osprey?' Que Inepto!" Which is Spannish for "Osprey? That Inept!"


Osprey was probably the BioSyn agent to who Miles and Nima were supposed to hand over the can.

Since the film and The Game hint that Lewis Dodgson was in charge of the entire operation, it could be that Osprey was the nickname of Dodgson.


  • The names of Osprey and the other BioSyn informants follow an alphabetical order: M for Miles Chadwick, N for Nima Cruz, and O coded into Osprey.

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