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Ouranosaurus JPbuilder

One of the most recognizable features of the Ouranosaurus was its large sail along its back.[1] Some scientists think that the sail on the back of the Ouranosaurus may have been a hump of fat.[2] Whether it was used for head-butting or display, the Ouranosaurus has a pair of bumps above its head.[3] "Brave Reptile" is the meaning of the name Ouranosaurus.[4]


Cost and Time to Hatch
Availability ?
DNA Research ? JPB Coins x10
Placement Cost ? JPB Coins
Incubation Time ?
Dimensions Unknown

Ouranosaurus can be created in the Jurassic Park section. Its creation being required to complete Henry Wu's mission Conference Star.

Level-Based StatsEdit

Level Unmodified Earning Rates (18 Hrs) Feeding Costs (Jurassic Crop) Ferocity Life Attack
1 3816 (212 / Hour) JPB Coins 381 (x5 = 1905)
2 4212 (234 / Hour) JPB Coins 632 (x5 = 3160)



Ouranosaur - Jurassic Park Builder13:10

Ouranosaur - Jurassic Park Builder


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