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Pachyrhinosaurus is creatable in Jurassic World: The Game as a tournament herbivore.




Pachyrhinosaurus is unlocked by winning a Pachyrhinosaurus pack from either the roulette or if the player places in the top 1% of the Pachyrhinosaurus tournament. Additional individuals can be purchased in the market for 6,750 DNA

Cost and Time to Hatch
Availability Legendary
Incubation Period 8 Days (8:20:00)
Placement Cost Free (1st Individual, Card Packs)

6,750 DNA

Unlocked TriviaEdit

Evo 1Edit

Reward: 4,680 Food

"Did you know that Pachyrhinosaurus means 'thick-nosed lizard' because of the size of its nose?"

Evo 2Edit

Reward: 41,245 Food

"An adult Pachyrhinosaurus weighs 4 tons. That's the same as a hippopotamus, the third largest land mammal!"

Evo 3Edit

Reward: 189,000 Food and 100 Dino Bucks

"The diet of the Pachyrhinosaurus consists of tough, fibrous vegetation. Because of this, they have cheek teeth."

Evo 4Edit

Reward: 798,795 Food, 100 Dino Bucks, and 140 Loyalty Points

"The Pachyrhinosaurus has a prominent pair of horns growing from their neck frill, instead of their face."


  • Level 1-10
  • Level 11-20
  • Level 21-30
  • Level 31-40

Level-Based StatsEdit

Level Unmodified Earning Rates (13 hrs) Feeding Costs Life Attack
10 7,128 Evolve (00:00:00 @ DNA) 700 219
20 28,512 Evolve (00:00:00 @ DNA) 1,199 375
30 85,536 Evolve (00:00:00 @ DNA) 1,827 571
40 228,096 Max 2,586 808


  • Along with the Kentrosaurus, they are the only tournament dinosaurs that do not yet have a tournament to fight in and they can only be collected by buying the Earth WWF pack.