Meeting at a diner at 2 AM, Lewis Dodgson and George Baselton await the arrival of Ed James, who has been gathering information for them. Dodgson is a geneticist working for Biosyn while Baselton is a biology professor that has been frequently hired to fix Biosyn's image problems. James arrives, and an impatient Dodgson insists James present his findings. James pulls out a manila envelop with files on the individuals involved with the incident on Isla Nublar; Alan Grant is on leave in Paris giving lectures on new findings regarding tyrannosaurs while his former pupil Ellie Satler has married a physicist at Berkeley and has two young children. He informs Dodgson that most of the rest are dead; Donald Gennaro died of dysentery while on a business trip and both Dennis Nedry and John Hammond died during the incident at InGen's park. Finally he mentions that Hammond's grandchildren are both living with their mother; Tim recently started college while Lex is attending prep school.

Dodgson inquires if anyone from InGen has been in contact with them; James states that no one has contacted them and that InGen filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy shortly after Hammond died and that its been in the legal system ever since. Recently, InGen's hard assets had finally started to be sold off; Baselton inquires if "Site B" was involved in the sale but neither him nor Dodgson clarify what "Site B" is when asked by James. Dodgson then asks about Ian Malcolm and Richard Levine; James mentions that Malcolm has taken up a visiting lectureship at Berkeley in the biology department while Levine has been forced to teach a high school class as community service due to an outstanding speeding ticket. James then tells Dodgson that Levine recently left for Costa Rica and was due back earlier today, but never got off the plane he was due back on. Dodgson demands that James find Levine immediately.