The tour program, as seen during the shutdown sequence.

The Park Drive (also called Safari Tour) was the main attraction for Jurassic Park. It exists in both the novel and movie canons, but has different dinosaurs for both. In both canons, the point of the attraction is to safely transport visitors through enclosures while educating them about the dinosaurs in the park. In the films, a rail ran through the center of a dirt road to guide the Ford Explorer Tour Vehicles on their journey through the Park. The tour traveled counter clockwise along the road, the tour vehicles making a right turn once the vehicles went through the main gate and into the Park itself. The basic tour, which was the tour that the inspection team was meant to take during the July 11/12 weekend in 1993 passed the majority of paddocks, and all three Dilophosaurus enclosures. There were two secondary loops to the main road, one of which led to other paddocks such as the Proceratosaurus enclosure, as well as to the Isla Nublar aviary. The other secondary loop passed the Metriacanthosaurus enclosure as well as the Marine Facility and Visitor Dock.

On the basic tour, the first dinosaur attraction visited would have been the primary Dilophosaurus enclosure. After this point, a fork in the road appeared. The right fork leading to the first of the secondary loops, while the left fork continued the basic tour run. The basic tour continued by passing the herbivore paddock, then on to the Gallimimus enclosure. A second Dilophosaurus enclosure then appeared on the left side of the road, and the Baryonyx enclosure on the right. The tour moved on through a tunnel, with the Tyrannosaurus paddock on the exit. This paddock afforded a longer viewing time for the Park’s star attraction. The road here was larger and offered a rest stop and photo opportunities. After this paddock, the second fork to a secondary loop appeared, though both roads reunited at the primary Triceratops paddock. After the Triceratops paddock, was a third Dilophosaurus enclosure, which had another rest stop, likely similar to the one near the Tyrannosaurus paddock. The tour ended back out the main gate after passing the herbivore paddock once more.

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Paddock out of Tour


  • The novel tour appears to be shorter than the films, because the trip down south appears to be about 20 minutes, with another 20 back, for a round trip of about 40 minutes.
  • For some odd reason, the movie map contains dinos in between the ones seen, yet their existence (nor the group's reaction to them) is not shown.
  • It is also weird to see the Dilophosaurs as the first stop when in retrospect the Sauropods would be the start in some areas.
  • Most theme parks and zoos are placed so that the main attraction (in this case the T. Rex) would be the last to be shown, however here it is in the middle of the tour.


  • Richard Kiley - Tour Guide voice
  • Two Black Men (in Safari uniform)- Valets
  • Woman passing out pith helmets- Public Service/Guide
  • Ed Regis (temporary tour guide)