Mr. Parker was an InGen employee working at the main headquarters.


Isla Nublar IncidentEdit

When Dr. Sorkin called InGen about the Napalm Bombing, Parker answered the phone. She asked him to get Maquire or Peter Ludlow about stopping the bombing, and he asked if she needed rescuing. She told him no and wanted the park to not be bombed. He told her that the park was "contaminated" and the animals were "diseased". She became angry with Parker and said he wasn't listening.

After Gerry alerted Sorkin of their presence, she responded by taking them "hostage" and told Parker that if they didn't stop the bombing she wouldn't let them go. After Parker tried to get her to let them go, she refused without a guarantee of halting the bombing. He became annoyed, and threatened to get the military on the line. He then subsequently hung up.

According to Sorkin, Parker labeled her as a "terrorist" for holding hostages.

When Yoder called, he asked Parker to put him through to Haskell, which he did.


  • It can be assumed that he might be the receptionist for InGen HQ due to him answering the phone anytime someone called.