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Patsy Raptor


Patsy is an animatric female Velociraptor that is featured at The Lost World zone in Singapore's Universal Studios.

Patsy is part of the Meet-and-Greet addition. Patsy is often transported out on a reinforced raptor trailer, which is parked near the exit of The Lost World zone, right in front of the entrance to Far Far Away. She will always have her handler, who hosts and oversees the Meet and Greet session, with her at all times. Her handlers will often give an in-depth introduction and an educational insight on Patsy and velociraptors in general. Interactions with Patsy are sometimes hosted, where selected guests can get a close encounter with the alpha female of the velociraptor pack of Jurassic Park.


Live Raptor at Jurassic Park, Universal Studios Singapore dejiki03:14

Live Raptor at Jurassic Park, Universal Studios Singapore


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