Plesiosaurs were marine reptiles that dominated Earth's oceans from the early Jurassic to late Cretaceous. They came in two types, the Pliosaurs, which had short necks and enormous skulls and the Plesiosaurs themselves, which had long necks and tiny skulls. The true Plesiosaurs were peaceful fish-eaters who ambushed prey with their long necks, while the Pliosaurs were blood-thirsty carnivores that devoured anything in their way.


Plesiosaurs looked like seals, with big bodies, two strong flippers on each side, and a strong tail at the end of the large body. The true Plesiosaurs had long slim necks and tiny smooth skulls, while the Pliosaurs that had short necks and enormous skulls and would eat anything in its path.

Eating habitsEdit

The true Plesiosaurs ate mostly fish, squid, belemnites and ammonites while Pliosaurs ate anything they could sink their teeth into, mostly fish, and other marine reptiles.

Appearances in the filmsEdit

The Plesiosaurs have not appeared in any of the Jurassic Park books or films. They do appear in video games.