During Halloween Horror Nights 12: Islands of Fear (AKA Islands of Adventure transformed for Universal's Halloween Event), the Jurassic Park island was transformed into JP: Extinction, where the power was somehow shut off, allowing all the dinosaurs to rampage around the park. Even worse, a Jurassic Park scientist named Dr. Burton had accidentally created Man/Dilophosaurus hybrids that are now running all over the island. One of the houses was Project Evilution (AKA Triceratops Encounter).



The hybrids

Guest make their way through a ruined Jurassic Park base. Various bloodied up workers beg the guest to run from the carnage going on, including Dr. Burton, the man responsible for these mutants. Velociraptors pop out of the bushes, looking for prey. Along the way, guests find the gruesome remains of one of the Triceratops, its head torn right out of its body. At some point, guests encounter the aforementioned Man/Dinosaur hybrids, wanting them to be their next meal. Near the end of the attraction, Dr. Burton's corpse is seen hanging, presumably hanged by his creatures.


  • In the original planning for of Islands of Fear, a Tyrannosaur was to be encountered.
  • Also in the original plans, the scare house was to be called "Jurassic Park: Extinction", which ended up being the name for the scarezone itself.
  • The decapitated Triceratops head is actually a prop from The Lost World.
  • This is possibly the ride's version of the Isla Nublar Incident, only that within the ride canon the incident happened after the park's opening instead of prior to it, and with a much spookier theme.
  • It has been speculated that Dr. Burton's name is a reference to acclaimed director Tim Burton.