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Pterosaur Attack scene

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The Pterosaur Attack[1] scene is a scene in Jurassic World where the visitors of the park are attacked by Pterosaurs.


Upon escaping the Jurassic World Aviary after the Indominus rex broke into the aviary, a mixed flock of Pteranodon and Dimorphodon flew into the Main Street of the park and started to attack the human visitors in the area.


Mosasaurus eats Zara and Pteranodon.

Gray Mitchell attempted to run to safety but this almost lead to him being decapitated by a Dimorphodon but luckily Zach Mitchell pulled him back just in time. Zara Young was then snatched by a Pteranodon and gets savagely tossed amongst other Pteranodon in the air before being dropped into the Mosasaurus containment tank where she was brutally thrashed about and injured by several Pteranodon who continued to grab at her. When one of the Pteranodons tried to grab her again, the Mosasaurus emerged out of the water and devoured both Zara and the attacking pterosaur.

One Dimorphodon attempted to attack Owen Grady by pouncing on him and tried to maul his face but it was shot down by Claire Dearing who picked up a dropped gun. They then kissed each other in the street.

Claire is called by Lowery Cruthers, who informs her that Vic Hoskins is now in charge and wants to use the Velociraptors to hunt down the Indominus rex. Owen, Claire, Gray, and Zach soon escaped from the chaos by driving a MVU-12 to the Raptor Research Arena.


The scene was filmed on the set of Six Flags, New Orleans.

The music track heard in this scene is called "Love in the Time of Pterosauria".

Humans involved Edit

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Jurassic World (4 10) Movie CLIP - Pterosaur Attack (2015) HD03:15

Jurassic World (4 10) Movie CLIP - Pterosaur Attack (2015) HD


  1. MovieClips called this scene "Pterosaur Attack"