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After arriving in Costa Rica, a tired Sarah Harding begins arguing with an airport employee who informs her that there are no helicopters available to fly her to Isla Sorna. Sarah notices a nearby harbor and asks if any boats are available; the airport employee says she is free to ask the captains if they will take her. On the docks, she runs into Lewis Dodgson who is guiding crewmen loading cargo onto their boat. Initially hostile, Lewis turns friendly when he realizes that she is a friend of Richard Levine and passes himself off as one as well. He tells Sarah they're heading to the island with Levine's equipment to assist him while introducing her to Baselton and King. Sarah tells Dodgson that she met Levine through their mutual friend Ian Malcolm and that Jack Thorne invited her to come along after Levine took off for the island. Dodgson invites her to come along with them, which she accepts.

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