The Quarantine Pens were specialized holding facilities used to contain the Raptors and Troodon on Isla Nublar, as they were considered to be too dangerous to be kept in standard holding pens.

Known PensEdit

INGEN Field Journal 7

Drawing by Laura Sorkin

According to Dr. Laura Sorkin, three pens occupied Isla Nublar. One was used to hold a pack of Troodon (Species IG74726f6f646f6e), as John Hammond decided they were too dangerous with little tourist appeal. The Troodon were to be euthanized before Jurassic Park could open, but instead of following a direct order, Sorkin continued to study them in secret.

One held what remained of the original pack.

The last one pen was used to hold 5 Velociraptors. They were brought over from Isla Sorna (Site B) as replacements for the Raptors on Nublar, after the alpha-female killed all but two of the original eight and established her dominance.


Dinosaurs InsideEdit

Isla Nublar IncidentEdit

During the Incident, the power failed, and because both pens were controlled by electric fences, they failed. The Troodon and Raptor packs broke out and caused one fatality: Dr. Sorkin's assistant David Banks. The predators then began to cause havoc.

One escaped Raptor was killed by the Tyrannosaurus rex, and another was killed by Oscar Morales, an InGen mercenary. The remaining three, including their leader who was scarred by Oscar, later avenged their last pack mate's death by killing him. As for the Troodon, they infected Nima, killed Vargas and Daniel Cafaro or D-Caf and caused significantly more damage than any other dinosaur on the island, even the T-Rex and Raptors.

Both the Raptors and the Troodon met their demise along with all the other park animals when the island was destroyed shortly after the events of the game during the Costa Rica Napalm Bombing.